Serpent – Autumn Leaves

to casualty of man-made innocence the horror dwells in dormancy the sickness grows viciously Your soul’s eroding you’ve lost control the malformation in hideous The weakened kind, deceased and

Shadowland – Autumn Leaves

Watch the darkening storm appear Feel the power of a million men Darkskies that embrace your eyemind Overshadowing your own ability To see right through misty weather Inside of

Revolution 21 – Autumn Leaves

Freezing my soul distorts my visions once so clear Stagnated inside this frozen personality Reflecting what the fuck’s inside of me? The past fear reveals only to deliver pain

As Night Conquers Day – Autumn Leaves

From the shores of Heaven To the pits of Hell Behold, the curse of mankind Nihilistic supremacy And thus night is coming No savior is at hand Shadows engulf

The Reign Supreme – Autumn Leaves

Thinking were’s my saviour? Thinking the answer lies above Ruined, frustration has prevailed You stand forsaken on the fields of self-sympathy Empty the light has disappeared Restrained – dominated

Empty Black Stare – Autumn Leaves

Across the fields of pagan fire That has burned throughout the virgin years Red glowing clouds covers the Eden sky As the fire dries our tears The slaughtered souls