Performer AVERNUS

Sickening Revels – Avernus

Erotic in their deformity, I tremble with lust at what is to come The scents of lavender and blood lie at your throat Pale and slender, awaiting razor-edged kisses

The Cruelest Gift – Avernus

Confess to me, your endeavor, was it graced with spite? Origins are grey, foul rains, hail not in essence Cast my heart a veil and revelate such nothingness… Mother…

Disappear – Avernus

when i awakened i found it, it was lying next to me i feel it crawling, under my skin it’s trying to break me i feel no more pain,

An Endless Sea Of Evening – Avernus

And I left my soul, where the sleeping shadows lie…and I find my soul where forgotten shadows die So empty here, in my usurperous awakening…so empty here, in this

A Delicate Tracery Of Red – Avernus

Posthumous, and thus greater will be your beauty I will expose the masterpiece within your reviled form A delicate tracery of red… …as I inflict upon you carvings of