Performer B2K

Why I Love You – B2K

From day one you and I’ve been friends. Hangin out, havin fun, chillin. Now I know at times I got crazy, silly ways and actin shady. You peep things

Santa Hooked Me Up – B2K

This year Your boy went all out Let me sit down and tell you what um talkin about Now what’s sumthin you can imagine So I dun have ta

Sprung – B2K

I understand how u feel You ain’t gotta lie to urself It’s easier to see Listen Baby it’s official I’m tired of lookin at you out my window I

Would You Be Here – B2K

Girl if I didn’t have a plan Could I be your man still And if you couldn’t watch cable Would you be able to understand And if I couldn’t

Santa Baby – B2K

for me Been an awful good girl Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight Santa baby, a drop top CLK2 Light blue I’ll wait up for you, dear

Tease – B2K

Ahh, Yea yo, sup girl what you gon do I mean are we gon do it or what you keep trippin, you keep slippin acting like, you wanna get

Feel This Way – B2K

Why, why would you make me feel this way Make me feel like we were never separate Make me feel like you want to be my girl But then

Happy – B2K

(Jhene and Omarion) J:Uhh…you know what? O:What? J:I loved you…even though u treated me wrong O:oh, come on J:and I know I’m supposed to be sad, but I got

My Girl – B2K

How you gone come up with another man Yeah This is what they are lookin for Uh………B2K Uh………Red zone First verse Verse 1 She want it all And I

Sexy Boy Christmas – B2K

Sexy, Boy Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy Sexy Boy, Sexy Boy Oh, I’m a sexy boy With fly whips and toys S-5, knowing hard type You

Bump, Bump, Bump (feat. P. Diddy) – B2K

We sendindg this out to all the ladies all over the world Aall the ladies all over the world All my sexy mamas come on Come on a come

You Can Get It (feat. Makeba Riddick) – B2K

Chilling with her man Looking sexy as hell With the jeans and the matching bag The way she licked her lips Made me want to go ask her name

Fantasy – B2K

crying stuff you have a real heartbreak Mature at 15 with figure 7 to 8 Girls wishing i was they man to floss me on dates Letting B2K in

Understanding – B2K

I’m young, like to hang with my crew have fun but it seems like all the girls I know, never understood that flow. like this one, when i first

The One – B2K

I’m the one you done heard all the rumors about You vibrate like my cellie how you movin around In that new gear fresh off the Lesiango runway

Everyone’s Home For Christmas – B2K

Now that our family’s here Friends who are dear with us It’s time to trim the tree We light the fire It’s Christmas Eve Welcome to the

Can I Get It Back – B2K

Cafe: Hold up Freeze! i just wanna get between ur knees Thats too much to ask im in the breeze Roof top gone gooche top on got hot like

The Other Guy – B2K

It is another day Don’t be trippin out on me I could retaliate and bring the ghetto outta me But I’m feeling you But not the things you do

Here We Go Again – B2K

Tryna act like you got money but you at the bus stop Oh please stop doin what you do Cause ain’t nobody lookin at you oh oh no no

Dog – B2K

Platium Status Bringing you the heat Yeah You were playing games on me I’m your new enemy Now you will never be Your a dooggggg. Why you go