Performer BABYS THE

Union Jack – Babys, The

Bustin’ the rules Hates everything in sight Needs some new shoes Dad’s on the booze She’s never there Far away kid All on his own Can’t tell the wrong

I’m Falling – Babys, The

The things I know I’d find The things I’d have to do And sometimes I wonder Oooh I’m falling What else can I say Oooh I’m falling Fading away

If You’ve Got The Time – Babys, The

And lay it on the line Yeah Could you say you need me And put your hands in mine Oh I got love that grows Oh I got love

Sweet 17 – Babys, The

But she thinks that she’s twenty-one Doing things she ain’t done before Got her hands on a loaded gun Talking ’bout Sweet seventeen Got a mouthful of sticky stuff

Rodeo – Babys, The

Sweat and grime Bound to come some day Now I’m not sure about the rules Make them as they play That’s alright That’s okay I’ve seen it all before

Isn’t It Time – Babys, The

last thing I had on my mind Holding you is a warmth that I thought I could never find (Sitting here all alone) Just trying to decide (Whether to

Love Don’t Prove I’m Right – Babys, The

When I came in at 6 AM Ooh babe I could never really fake it Cause I was in love again Love don’t prove Love don’t prove I’m right

Every Time I Think Of You – Babys, The

It always turns out good Everytime I’ve held you I thought you understood People say a love like ours Will sure pass But I know a love like ours

I Was One – Babys, The

Have been disillusioned By the way you’ve spit it out You promise them everything They believe in your dream Of make believe But that’s an illusion I was one

Golden Mile – Babys, The

Turned my head and walked away Sun was shinin’ and it caught my eyes Damn near blew me away Sometimes I look back And I think to myself Had

Please Don’t Leave Me – Babys, The

I haven’t had a home And I’m so alone And now I miss you so When the night comes down I got nowhere to go And now I’m miles

Silver Dreams – Babys, The

I’ve been searching I needed something to believe I’m a gambler With my fortune Trying to keep you up my sleeve When I’m away I fill my heart with

You (Got It) – Babys, The

You said you’d come around Silk stockings can’t be found On my floor no more You…. You’re the one I want to see You could make me happy If

Run To Mexico – Babys, The

I could take you there You could get what you want in the south You could let down your hair I said do you don’t you will you won’t

Gonna Be Somebody – Babys, The

Stop me in my crash You wanna be somebody else Say you won’t be back Your bourgeois friends call you dear Deal you like a card Your eyes out

She’s My Girl – Babys, The

living hard and fast Doin’ what we want to do We’re as free as the wind we choose We got each other so we never lose My heart is

Head First – Babys, The

You looked down and out And I had my doubts About you But baby since I’ve come to know ya I ain’t got no doubts What it’s about Me

I Believe In Love – Babys, The

Everywhere I go people say it shows They all tell me that it’s wrong to live alone I believe say they believe in love Could you walk out on

Back On My Feet Again – Babys, The

Told myself I’d get by without love Drownin’ my sorrows Avoiding tomorrows Kind of felt that I just had enough You light up my face with your jokes and

Wrong Or Right – Babys, The

When he loves you babe Do you turn out your light When he loves you babe Well he takes you babe Ah when he loves you babe My whole