Sweet Lil’ Sister – Bad Company

Rode up on Rush Street (?), I was looking for some kicks We was getting higher, looking for some action Dayton Ohio, ain’t got nothing on this We was

Burnin’ Sky – Bad Company

I Believe My Souls On Fire You Are Im Learning The Key To My Desire Waiting For The Van To Arrive The Prisoners Were Lined Up Out Side Jumped

Oh, Atlanta – Bad Company

I’m just an old hound dog, Roaming around, oh lord, I got all this and heaven above, Oh, Atlanta, hear me calling, I’m coming back to you one fine

With You In A Heartbeat – Bad Company

It’s been a long time, I didn’t notice it fall Just goes to show you, things get strange, there’s nothin’, nothin’ I can do You got your own life,

Do Right By Your Woman – Bad Company

Do right by your woman, she’ll do right by you Well you always gave me loving, ‘though I treated you so bad I’ve changed my mind About wasting my

Love Me Somebody – Bad Company

Take me for what I’m worth But only love me, but only love me Well there was a crazy fool Who followed you home from school Hoping you would

Wild Fire Woman – Bad Company

She’s the only one, she keep my mind in order I’m not a bad man, but I know where I stand If I had the luck, gotta have your

Love Attack – Bad Company

You knock me out with the way you look You have me hanging, baby, on your hook I think about you all day and all night, my friends all

Movin’ On – Bad Company

Mmmmm Mmmmmm. I get up in the morning and it’s just another day Pack up my belongings, I’ve got to get away. Jump in to a taxi and the

This Love – Bad Company

But I do need to know you a little more I’ve seen your picture as a little girl, before the woman in you uncurled But I do need to

Good Lovin’ Gone Bad – Bad Company

Darlin’ On my door Ain’t no way that I’m gonna answer, Babe Cuz’ cheatin’ is a one thing And lyin’ is another That’s when I say It’s over That’s

Rock Of America – Bad Company

Just wanna feel I’m a part of the game On the radio, on tv, it’s like a heartbeat deep inside of me Know what I want, know how to

Judas My Brother – Bad Company

Headed For The City Where Innocence Is Sold Headed For The!!!!!! The Company Of Fools Could Only Change Those Promises Got No Time To Lose She’s Just A Little

Tracking Down A Runaway – Bad Company

My baby got away and I’m taking it hard. I slipped the border and I jumped the train, I’ll do anything to get her back again. Tracking down a

No Smoke Without A Fire – Bad Company

You can turn from a whisper to a shout, ooh yeah You come running just as fast as you can, into the arms of another man, yeah But you

Take This Town – Bad Company

A little something from above, tell me if you want it But don’t you leave me waiting, it don’t matter where you are There ain’t nobody hiding, no matter

Down, Down, Down – Bad Company

I Saw You Baby In The Corner Of My Eye You Were Looking Oh So Fine You Drove By Me In A Purple Cadillac Heading For A Friend Of

If You Needed Somebody – Bad Company

If I could show you somehow, but I don’t have the nerve, oh yeah You don’t see me looking at you, how can love be so blind Somehow you

Stranger Stranger – Bad Company

I’ve been losing track of time It’s been the hardest day, the longest night I’ve ever spent alone I can’t get you off my mind You know what I’ve

Seagull – Bad Company

Seagull you fly across the horizon into the misty morning sun nobody asked you where you are goin nobody knows where you’re from Here is a man asking the