Rocking Horse – Bad English

I said that I’d come back for you By the jukebox at the Starlight Grill Kickin out an Elvis tune Are you waitin’ little sister Killin time and dreaminâ„–

Tough Times Don’t Last – Bad English

How do I reach you You know I scare myself These crazy nights without you And I feel no pain When I see you cry We can turn it

Pray For Rain – Bad English

Someone needs a miracle And I’m the livin’ proof Drink Light a cigarette And let me count the ways I can hear a whisper In a haunted house these

Time Stood Still – Bad English

You were dancin’ on the beach Poetry in motion But you seemed so out of reach And the waves were breakin’ ’round you In the California sunset I made

Straight To Your Heart – Bad English

You always look away You hide behind your alibis And change your mind from day to day If there’s something I can do Then I’ll be there Outside your

Possession – Bad English

I can’t find myself When you go away Makes me wonder where you are Is there someone else I just need to know This charade has gone too far

When I See You Smile – Bad English

If I’d ever make it through Through this world without having in you I just wouldn’t have a clue Cause sometimes it seems Like this world’s closing in on

Rebel Say A Prayer – Bad English

Johnny throws a stance Says “Love me tender love me true” And in the doorway there She looks up at him And she says “You know I do” But

Heaven Is A 4 Letter Word – Bad English

And it’s going round Can you hear it on the street If you realize that the pleasure lies Between surrender and the heat Just take a walk on the

Forget Me Not – Bad English

You cross your heart across the bedroom floor And through the window to your world You can feel me there And you know I’m waiting You taste the words

So This Is Eden – Bad English

(Na na nanana nana, na na nanana nana na) – Yeah Too far gone to turn around As I make it into town I said driver take my suitcase

Ready When You Are – Bad English

I was your prisoner in a castle Hands tied Yeah Was it pain Was it pleasure You couldn’t decide No A mistress who can call my name I wanted

Don’t Walk Away – Bad English

Thinking of numbers Shaken not stirred But I hang Hang on your every word These days I roll with the punches Always your clown Do you remember when We

Price Of Love – Bad English

That I don’t say the things I should To you I act like I’m no good And you wait for me patiently This house is not a home without

Make Love Last – Bad English

The hands of time are twisting through your days A captured moment in your kiss Like winter snow it’s gone Melted away There’s a chapel on the edge of

Lay Down – Bad English

I’ll be there in the morning When you can see some light I’ll be just like your angel I’ll be your guiding light Gonna wake you up And connect

The Time Alone With You – Bad English

Aand the sun won’t shine for me And it seems like nothing’s goin’ right There’s a place I want to be Just laying there beside you In the shelter

The Restless Ones – Bad English

There is no surrender They’ve got a number for every name Buildings and shopping malls Seem like a stage for pretenders They criticize the clothes you wear They try

Ghost In Your Heart – Bad English

It’s everything you wanted Now it’s tearing you apart You’re gonna raise a family now But you don’t know where to start I remember you Me I pack a

Savage Blue – Bad English

When there’s nothing else to say I can still find you when you look away You can say to me we’re through You can say that you are free