Welcome 2 Hell – Bad Meets Evil

Yeah, told you we’d be back. Welcome 2 hell There’s a switch, I flip, emotions cut off So cold I done froze my butt off And

I’m On Everything – Bad Meets Evil

? Sober don’t interest me. I’m on everyth-a-ang. Bout to sniff the liquor like it’s ‘cai-aine. That’s how high I am. I’m blowed I take painkillers to ease the

Echo – Bad Meets Evil

Oh, all around the World, There’s an echo As he takes a bow And they all know all the girls, the boys They chase the noise Through the highs

Living Proof – Bad Meets Evil

Don’t stop Yeah, Bad and Evil is (BACK) We bout to get into a tail of gunner that details the dungeon This is the pale

Lighters – Bad Meets Evil

This ones for you and me Living out our dreams We are right where we should be With my arms out wide I open my eyes And now All

The Reunion – Bad Meets Evil

Ay, you This next song, is a true story (Come here slut!) Cause some things in this universe, don’t make sense But somehow always seem to fuckin’ work [Verse

Fast Lane – Bad Meets Evil

First verse, uh I’m on ’til I’m on a island My life’s ridin’ on the Autobahn on autopilot Before I touch dirt, I’ll kill you all with’ kindness I

Take From Me – Bad Meets Evil

What more can I give up? Is there anyone that I can trust? I give you my all and you still take from me.

Above The Law [feat. Claret Jai] – Bad Meets Evil

Sometimes life seems so unfortunate, that’s why I don’t give a shit The poor stay poor, the rich get richer, it’s just so disproportionate You don’t know just what