Performer BAL SAGOTH

Return To Hatheg-Kla – Bal-Sagoth

Some would call it epiphany, others would deem it the final descent into madness… whatever the case, the last vestiges of those tenuous palisades which had previously, and blessedly,

Of Carnage And A Gathering Of The Wolves – Bal-Sagoth

Voice of the Night: Who are you, wanderer? Wandering Spirit: I can’t remember… Voice of the Night: The wolves are gathering, the stars are shifting… come, join us in

The Voyagers Beneath The Mare Imbrium – Bal-Sagoth

We, who once crested the waves of the great astral sea… and who now must strive again for the domination of the stars… Entreaty of the Fourth Moon’s Keymaster:

Star-Maps of the Ancient Cosmographers – Bal-Sagoth

The Great Eye of the Universe opens! Through this astral art the secrets of the cosmos are mine to know… for the stars are my dominion! Empowered at the

The Empyreal Lexicon – Bal-Sagoth

For blackened suns are the only legacy of worlds long dead. Zurra: The key word of Transcendence! The key word of Transference! I shall liberate the rightful owners of

Prologue – Bal-Sagoth

seemingly non-human origin; an icosahedron of an unrecognized, non terrestrial metallic composition, inscribed with strange, indecipherable sigils and glyphs. After long months of intense study, epigraphy experts on Earth

The Dreamer In The Catacombs Of Ur – Bal-Sagoth

It was like some dark, dark dream. We had not heeded the warnings of the ancients, and now we would pay the price… here, within the catacombs of Ur.

The Sixth Adulation Of His Chthonic Majesty – Bal-Sagoth

“O’, great and luminous ones, who came from beyond the stars to slumber serene beneath the earth of the third sphere, hearken to me! Hear me, o’ mighty one,

Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu – Bal-Sagoth

Enscribe ye the great seals ‘neath the horned moon, when the black stars of the chaosphere spin in trine, prepare ye a supplicant, and offer up olibanum, storax, dictamnus,

The Hammer Of The Emperor – Bal-Sagoth

My name is a word of power on the lips of my followers. You can’t escape me. I’m inside your mind. Beware the Grand Arbiter of Temporal Jurisprudence, for

The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies Of Mu – Bal-Sagoth

I have been cast across the myriad intersecting tendrils of the great web of space and time… And now, I gaze once more upon the orb azure! I have

Shadows ‘neath The Black Pyramid – Bal-Sagoth

Black jaws drooling blasphemy, Beyond the witch-song, darkly sweet, The wyrm-horn sounds cross Dagon’s mere, Shadow-gate (portal to the Black Pyramid) yawns wide, beckoning… Spells scrawled in blood and

The Dark Liege Of Chaos Is Unleashed At The Ensorcelled Shrine Of A’Zura-Kai

ALTARUS: You must learn to control your spirit-form, Xerxes… for by mastering the art of traversing the mists you may effortlessly travel to many places, and many times. Countless

Witch-Storm – Bal-Sagoth

Witchfire, black citadel, frost-shrouded steel, moon-veiled spell. The skyqueen of the dead rides forth, black storm-borne steeds, (their flanks anointed by) immortal blood, Hark to the striking of the

Beneath The Crimson Vaults Of Cydonia – Bal-Sagoth

This red charnel pit of primal horror, howling black ecstasies to the void. Ancient and divine, older than the hidden Icosahedron, now rebirthed beyond the chaosphere. Rise… rise and

Draconis Albionensis – Bal-Sagoth

It was a time of change. The descendants of the Atlantean mages had fallen before the New Praesidium, and the wolves were baying at the Empire’s door. An oppressive

The Scourge Of The Fourth Celestial Host – Bal-Sagoth

ageless, remorseless. Without pity or conscience. Manipulators of evolution on countless worlds. Gods of the stars… the Celestial Host! Norrin-Radd: Zenn-la! (My homeworld, denied me by the whims of

Spellcraft & Moonfire (Beyond The Citadel Of Frosts) – Bal-Sagoth

Fen-witch revel in ancient spellcraft, Beneath a horned and waning moon Enchantress, heather-bride a’ dreaming, The beckoning gloom enthralls me, The Lord of Wolves haunts the forest, In brooding

In The Raven-Haunted Forests Of Darkenhold, Where Shadows Reign And The Hues

The Words of the Forest-King on the Eve of the Nexus: I am the immortal King of the Deep Woods, Servitor of the Old Gods of the Forest… I

Enthroned In The Temple Of The Serpent Kings – Bal-Sagoth

Etched against a glimmering sky, Beneath the pale moonlight, the witch enthralling, (like the sublime) scent of black lotus, Ahiling a black sun with ebon rays, Hailing a black