Performer BATHORY

Century – Bathory

To gather in prayer and for demonstrations. Freedom to choose. Freedom found driving a car. To posess a remote control and the right to arm. Supermarket. Machine gun. Voices

Witchcraft – Bathory

From cup of death I sip the milk from tied up Angels holy breasts I fuck the whore and eat her flesh And when the daylight comes I sleep

Father To Son – Bathory

Father to Son Father to Son From Father to Son) Now born my son I name thee After the sound of my Hammer’s Beat upon the anvil On this

Resolution Greed – Bathory

A hail of pebbles and stones Poverty and racism The wheel of conflict rolls on Dictatorship, fanaticism The battle lines drawn in mind and soil A drop of fucking

Sociopath – Bathory

Your not entitle to accuse and judge one single man if you allow all shit that’s happening in this damned rotten land. The pressure your damned system, religion and

Armageddon – Bathory

and tear the virgin’s flesh I gash the wounds of heaven and rides the wings of death Tonight the cauldrons are filled with brewage madeEof hate Tonight we blasphemy

The Stallion – Bathory

Just before sunset… “Waiting atop a snowcovered hill, the two standing silent, facing the sunset in the west. The one eyed old man mumbling strange words into the cold

Genocide – Bathory

In dust realised kill, what a thrill All hell ablaze the furnace gates Stands open wide for genocide Genocide – physicians in league with death Genocide – die this

The Lake – Bathory

Noon… “The one eyed old man had told him of a lake. Its bottom uniting with the end of the universe, Fall into it and there is no return.

To Enter Your Mountain – Bathory

Open up your eyes you might see it too See there is a lot to see within you too Don’t be like the rest and let them take it

The Woodwoman – Bathory

Midnight hours… “Sitting by his campfire alone one night, the young man is approached by the Woodwoman. She asks him to follow her to her den where she promises

Distinguish To Kill – Bathory

the code yellow star machinery of death will grind the trains keep on rolling both nearby and far the cargo is of Abrahams kind Gasping for air in the

Baptised In Fire And Ice – Bathory

Fire and Ice Fire and Ice Fire and Ice) Born a Son of Nordic tribe Early spring morning I arrived When Sails were set, the Ships all done To

Holocaust – Bathory

Ready to cut through the clouds at command From wombs in the ground born to deafening sounds When the button is pressed by death’s hand Loaded with death powered

One Eyed Old Man – Bathory

Late evening… “Just after sunset on his way back to his camp after watching the sun unite with the mountains in the west, he sees the flickering of light

Home Of Once Brave – Bathory

The cold black Nordic sky Risen towards the eternal sky The land lays open and free Up high the Mountains Where the wind catch its speed and chill Snowstorms

Equimanthorn – Bathory

And give me a sword forged in the raging Hell’s fire Lend me the eight legged black stallion of Odin and I’ll have my vengeance, oh, I’ll kill with

Of Doom… – Bathory

Brothers and sisters Hail, proudly raise your heads Through you we’ve reached out to just every nation You kept us alive with your love and dedication Bathory Hordes is

A Fine Day To Die – Bathory

Conspiracy of peace Only the master Of the cold northern breeze Twinsun sink fading Behind the black lake Asleep is the mountains Yet the night is awake Strange is

Immaculate Pinetreeroad #930 – Bathory

Sixteen years of rage withheld and concealed. Doors locked. Curtains drawn. Rehearsals begins. Preparations made. The axe gets a final trim. Shadowed figures came at night. The hands would