Performer BEHEMOTH

Natural Born Philosopher – Behemoth

as without sin there’s no whoredom and when in my heart god becomes a harlot I shall sin, sin, sin again (“…every world has its space every life has

Dragon’s Lair – Behemoth

Through the shining woods, Blue grass of wisdom grows Around the oaken roots… Where golden dragons fly And the sorcerers gather, Four wooden statues stand And the fog lays

Thou Shalt Forever Win – Behemoth

Burden of millenial slavory Forest, eternat wander Extending beyond earthly dimensions Gods will return to their graces together with me They’ll find their oaken kingdoms as before I free

Fields Of Haar-Meggido – Behemoth

observe the message from the darkside of the moon spectral warrior all in icy steel as I proudly touch my cold weapon the pagan steel sighs with the fullmoon

Thy Winter Kingdom – Behemoth

I’ve finished my journey through the 7 incarnations the blaze of my glory die out for this world as the blaze of my rustly steel died dark forests, unknown

From Horned Lands To Lindisfarne – Behemoth

carried on the wings of waves no one knows the cult bloody acts were only a legend… eternal hate and horned sodomy came to the lands of virgin’s goodness

In Thy Pandemaeternum – Behemoth

Art thou blind and deaf? Old man! Decrepit and hideous Hidden in woods of madness and anxiety I am the beast, thou – the refugium of love Whereas your

Satan’s Sword (I Have Become) – Behemoth

Today free, free and triumphant To no avail for the dungeons and chains of the inquisition Poor and lonely are my adversers Who serving the beast for million years

The Past Is Like Funeral – Behemoth

Something that recalls the grave Hides in the hellish depths and awaits When I dream, it peeks into empty goblet (and) becomes the wine of ecstasy and licentiousness I

With Spell Of Inferno – Behemoth

How hard to live when I long for your devil’s warmth And livid skies over Wittenberg And the empty streets and pavements of the town Everything sinks into dead

Black Visions Of The Almighty – Behemoth

the wildness and hate are born I draw the magic signs in the air the pride, act of holy bastards burnt here’s no more place for them there’s no