Performer BEN HARPER

People Lead – Ben Harper

the leaders they will have to follow and all their lies and their alibies they will have to swallow and it’s you that has the authority for the one

Give A Man A Home – Ben Harper

have you ever feared another day have you ever misplaced your mind watching this world leave you behind won’t you won’t you give won’t you give a man give

Forever – Ben Harper

no not three or four I don’t want that kind of forever in my life anymore forever always seems to be around when it begins but forever never seems

More Than Sorry – Ben Harper

hasn’t been so good to me stepped out into the night back against the moon i saw ten thousand hands with candlelight we all think that we’re right it’s

Faded – Ben Harper

like a pantomime such a silent crime You so easily abuse lack of confidence it’s your best offense You so easily confuse you can’t deny it still you try

Click Yo’ Heels – Ben Harper

Let me know our love is real Cause we’re a long way from anywhere But I can really feel it I’ve been up, I’ve been down I’ve been tossed

Sweet home Chicago – Ben Harper

Oh, baby, don’t you want to go? Back to the land of California, to my sweet home Chicago. Oh, baby, don’t you want to go? Oh, baby, don’t you

Angel From Montgomery – Ben Harper

Old man is another child (that’s) grown old If dreams were thunder and lightning was desire This old house would’ve burned down a long time ago Make me an

Burn To Shine – Ben Harper

Laughed until we realise our hearts were struck with fear How in just a moments time could one see for ever after I gently lie beside you and dream

(I Believe I’ll) Dust My Broom – Ben Harper

I believe I’ll dust my broom I believe I believe I’ll dust my broom Girlfriend, you know the (black) man you’ve been lovin’ Girlfriend, can get my room I’m

Brown Eyed Blues – Ben Harper

Would mean being alone tomorrow. I would gladly trade all of my tomorrows away For a moment with you. Brown eyed blues You can find yourself another fool. Say

When It’s Good – Ben Harper

Can’t escape You’re a decision That I never make Heard me laughing You heard me weep and moan When it’s good It’s so so good When it’s gone It’s

Take My Hand – Ben Harper

And I hope I’ve served you well Oh – I’ve lived a life to join you And now only time will tell Oh – Take my hand when you

Sexual Healing – Ben Harper

Baby I’m hot just like your oven whoa I need your lovin And baby I can’t hold it much longer cuz it’s getting stronger and stronger And when I

Picture Of Jesus – Ben Harper

Like they hung Him from a cross I keep one in my wallet For the times I feel lost In a wooden frame with splinters Where my family kneels

Ashes – Ben Harper

and dust to dust that’s what has become of our love and trust Love has no direction cause love has no aim love can leave you as fast as

Ground On Down – Ben Harper

God the devil and love cause I’ve looked up from the bottom and I’ve stared down from above I have faith in a few things divinity and grace but

Temporary Remedy – Ben Harper

Paroles et musique : Ben Harper. I killed a snake with a bible I was living a Johnny Cash song I’m afraid for this I may be liable So

Where Could I Go – Ben Harper

Now I fear that our time has come and gone They say freedom is just a place to hide Now I’m coming to you with my arms open wide

Black Rain – Ben Harper

You left them swimming for their lives Down in new orleans Can’t afford a gallon of gasoline With your useless degrees and contrary statistics This government business is straight