Of Things Not Seen – Betray My Secrets

Who present past and future sees Whose ears have heard the holy words Words that walked among the ancient trees ’till the end of mankind he will say: „we

Ever Expanding Eternity – Betray My Secrets

And daily truth I see not clear In mire deep alone I weep Everything else is still I wish to drive my thirst away Drink knowledge like dew Die

From The Goddess – Betray My Secrets

We all come from the goddess And to her we shall return Like a drop of rain Flowing to the ocean I close my eyes I feel your presence

Save My Belief – Betray My Secrets

Piercing through souls Blood of that mighty pulse, Don’t vanish from my heart! They cut branches from my tree For their temples of delight Cries ascend the clouds To

Oh Great Spirit – Betray My Secrets

I am the great spirit Earth, sun, sky and sea You are inside and all around me The sun does arise, lightens the skies The merry bells ring to