I Know You By Heart – Bette Midler

Somebody, somebody who will always care. But we get locked up in our own worlds, With feelings and secrets we’re afraid to share. David: but all i have to

Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe – Bette Midler

He’s got a smile that makes the lilacs want to grow. He’s got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh When they know little Joe’s passing by.

Do You Want To Dance – Bette Midler

Tell me you’re my lover man. Oh baby, do you wanna dance? We could dance under the moonlight, Hug and kiss all through the night. Oh baby, tell me,

Married Men – Bette Midler

With wives who never understand. They’re looking for someone to share The excitement of a love affair. And just as soon as they find you They’ll wine you and

Sold My Soul To Rock And Roll – Bette Midler

Drive me away from last night’s news. Empty beds, crowds of people. Oh, come on, white girl, sing the blues. Warm mister, hold me like you love me. Why

Old Cape Cod – Bette Midler

Quaint little villages here and there, You’re sure to fall in love with old cape cod. If you like the taste of a lobster stew Served by a window

Yellow Beach Umbrella – Bette Midler

Get a room in one of those big resort hotels. And nobody there will ever get to know me well. And nobody there will ever get to know me

I Know This Town – Bette Midler

This barn that’s falling down. We come to where they’re building now And ride our bikes around. You think i’m just a little kid, Some troubles on the way.

Bottomless – Bette Midler

And the still air is sweet with summer flowers; In the shade by the stream i would lie awake and dream, And in dreaming i would while away the

Every Road Leads Back To You – Bette Midler

After all the years and tears And all that we’ve been through. It feels so good to see you. Lookin’ back in time, There’ve been other friends and other

Night And Day – Bette Midler

And neither one of us is wrong or right. And maybe we’re too serious and don’t wanna listen. I just wanna make you laugh tonight. We’re like day and

Rose’s Turn – Bette Midler

Here she is, world! Here’s rose! Curtain up! Light the lights! Play it, boys! Ya either got it, or ya ain’t. And, boys, i got it! Ya like it?

In This Life – Bette Midler

There was an emptiness in me. I was imprisoned by the power of gold. With one kind touch you sent me free. Let the world stop turning. Let the

In These Shoes – Bette Midler

I once met a man with a sense of adventure. He was dressed to thrill wherever he went. He said, “Let’s make love on a mountaintop, under the stars

Dreamland – Bette Midler

There’s a place way up high, Starry bright there, through the night there. Close your eyes. let your wishes fly. You’ll be in dreamland by and by. Dimpled and

Midnight In Memphis – Bette Midler

And all the boys are out tonight. Oh, midnight in memphis, But my true love is not in sight. The neon’s glowing, But i just don’t see the light.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes – Bette Midler

When you’re fast asleep In dreams you will lose your heartache Whatever you wish for you keep Have faith in your dreams And someday, your rainbow will come shining

On A Slow Boat To China (feat. Barry Manilow) – Bette Midler

Barry: “Thank you, Miss M.” Bette: “Whatcha doin’ these days?” Barry: “Makin’ records.” Bette: “Really?” Barry: “Yes, really.” Bette: “Do you still play piano for people?” Barry: “Well, depends

Alright, Okay, You Win – Bette Midler

I’m in love with you. Well alright, okay, you win. Baby, what can I do? I’ll do anything you say. It’s just got to be that way. Well alright,

My Eye On You – Bette Midler

I love you hard as my life. You pass me by as though i were a stone. You cut me like a knife. Boy, i do. i got my