Performer BIG RICH

Holy Water – Big & Rich

I use to watch her wear it well Everything would shine wherever she would go But looking at her now you’d never tell Someone ran away with her innocence

Love Train – Big & Rich

Who’s right… democrats or republicans I don’t care who’s right or wrong I know a way we can all get along Let’s take a ride Let’s take a ride

Saved – Big & Rich

Just for looking at me wrong Anger so strong I couldn’t stop myself I was killing myself one shot at a time Going insane from the pain The women

Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) – Big & Rich

passin out hundred dollar bills and it kills and it thrills like the horns on my Silverado grill and i buy the bar a double round of Crown and

Six Foot Town – Big & Rich

From trying to slow down I’m always burning my tires And my horn is to loud I catch people staring looking funny at me When I step to the

Kick My Ass – Big & Rich

I laid down my platinum card Then I ordered fifty longnecks for my new friends Well the barmaid passed them out And before we chugged them down I held

Live This Life – Big & Rich

Said his name was Jesus Met a man on the street last night Thought he was crazy till I watched him heal a blind man Watched him heal a

Big Time – Big & Rich

For your taste my friend My car might cost a little less Then that suit your wearing I’m glad you stumbled in here on your business trip Before you

Blow My Mind – Big & Rich

Tell me brothers sisters Do you listen when it rains? Are you worried something’s Gonna end it all the day? Is there anything that you Had wish that you

Drinkin About You – Big & Rich

I don’t need no no nobody else I’m sitting here thinking Sittin here drinkin bout you I look through the mirror And all that I see Is one crazy

Caught Up In The Moment – Big & Rich

In LAX Reading Cosmo How to have good sex When she saw him walkin’ Through the security check Well she gave him a wink Said come over here Hey

Real World – Big & Rich

I know she’s gonna fall in love with me And I’m gonna win the lottery tomorrow Or the next day I drive a Mercedes Benz Ive got a whole

Dreadwood Mountain – Big & Rich

Been a bet it all gambler Yeah I let it all ride Never been afraid of losin Yeah there’s been times I’ve lost it all But it wont really

Wild West Show – Big & Rich

riding a pinto trying to chase the lone rancher down im a little unravled but im still in the saddle crying your name up to the clouds Hey ya

Rollin’ – Big & Rich

to share our love of music i present to you, country music withour preduce country boys don’t rock and roll…yeah the record man told me so. you will never