Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right – Billy Currington

A man just can’t understand Sometimes all it takes to please her Is the touch of your hand And other times you got to take it slow And hold

I Got A Feelin’ – Billy Currington

I don’t wanna rush this thing I don’t wanna jump the gun I really wanna say those three little words But I’m gonna bite my tongue Yeah, I’m just

Growin’ Up Down There – Billy Currington

Sure made for one nasty mess Ah, but we were ridin’ high in the old truck of mine In deep as we could get Always lookin’ for a rut,

Little Bit Lonely – Billy Currington

Somewhere around 1 am Worn out from the road with a big heavy load On my mind, what a week it had been Then I stumbled into the kitchen

When She Gets Close To Me – Billy Currington

Like a summer breeze floating across the water Softer than a whisper on my skin I can’t begin to tell you how it moves me It’s so intense I

Where The Girls Are – Billy Currington

Well, here we again Me and my friends on a Friday night Waitin’ on Jimmy He’s always gotta get his hair just right Bobby yells, “Where we gonna go?”

That’s Just Me – Billy Currington

And I tend to think that supermodels are too thin And I think who you are is who you oughtta be But that’s just me The best of Andy

Here I Am – Billy Currington

Old black and white movies, a day at the park On a blanket on the ground on a Sunday afternoon Hangin’ with friends or off by ourselves Drivin’ around

Why, Why, Why – Billy Currington

I’ve been your faithful one-woman man I’ve been your diamond in the rough Now you say you wanna polish me up Why, why, why do you wanna change

I Wanna Be A Hillbilly – Billy Currington

I wanna be a hillbilly, prayin’ for the rain Drink corn whiskey, raise a little cane You can have the big city, I wanna be a hillbilly. City folks

Off My Rocker – Billy Currington

Well we know it ain’t the first time We know it used to be my past time And a couple times back we agreed That was gonna be my

Walk A Little Straighter – Billy Currington

And I remember most the time he wasn’t there I’d be waiting at the door when he got home at night He’d pass me by to go to pass

Next Time – Billy Currington

Well, I sure hate to see you leave I’ll break my grip but babe you need to know Next time I might not let you go Chorus: I know

That Changes Everything – Billy Currington

I’ve been thinkin’ I’d go down and work for a spell Oh, you never can tell it just might suit me fine Spend some time out on the bay

Ain’t What It Used To Be – Billy Currington

Was gonna be my whole world Til my factory job got shipped to Mexico And a city boy stole my sweet girl I used to know everybody by name

Time With You – Billy Currington

Daily grind is stealin’ me away again When I just wanna lay back down Another night gone and don’t know where it went What I need more than anything

Whole Lot More – Billy Currington

Sure enough feels like love tonight Ain’t no movie, ain’t no bar Ain’t nothin’ out there beats where we are Lay back baby, catch your breath This fire

Good Directions – Billy Currington

Crunchin’ on a pork rind when she pulled up She had to be thinkin’ “This is where the rednecks come from” She had Hollywood written on her license plate

She’s Got A Way With Me – Billy Currington

She can stop this ole world from spinnin’ too much It’s a natural thing and I do believe I found my reason to be She’s got a way

Hangin’ Around – Billy Currington

Before I fall asleep at night You’re the first thing that reach for In the early mornin’ light Chorus: You’re the name that I see written in the stars