Psychotic Girl – Black Keys, The

Pick him up just to let him down It’s a shame, baby, but I always knew Just the way you’re gonna do, oh Oh no Just a psychotic girl

Lonely Boy – Black Keys, The

And it’s plain to see But I came to love you anyway So you tore my heart out And I don’t mind bleeding Any old time to keep me

The Desperate Man – Black Keys, The

See her walkin’, With a fella, Two of them So nice and mella, Hey-hey, hey-hey, hey-hey-hey, My heart is broken, It’s open wide, Feel so down, Deep inside, Hey-hey,

Somebody To Love (Remix) – Black Keys, The

I’d tell the violin, It’s time to sink or swim, Watch them play for ya, For you I’d be, (whoa oh) Running a thousand miles, Just to get to

My Mind Is Ramblin’ (Reprise) – Black Keys, The

From place to place Tell me, tell me What must I do? Yeah-hee yeah-hee Yeah-hee yeah~aww Hahh-hahh Ahh~ahh~ahh~ahh Ahh~ahh Ahh~ahh~ahh~ahh I been love Been love for a long time

Have Love Will Travel (Radio Edit) – Black Keys, The

Oh baby, I’ll travel, I’ll travel from Maine down to Mexico, To find that girl who loves me so, No matter where I be, I find that girl and

Countdown – Black Keys, The

Countdown Countdown times I tried to Make you mine, cryin’ out Countdown times I tried to Tried to make you mine Well my heart goes out to him in

So He Won’t Break – Black Keys, The

And the state it put him in To hold his head high When he really wan’ die And you know the difference it makes And you know all that

The Go Getter – Black Keys, The

I’ll be the Go Getter Yes I am I’ll be the Go Getter That’s my plan The Go Getter Hi-fi boom box Pretty girl in bobby socks Afterparty in

Hell Of A Season – Black Keys, The

You don’t know You’re reacting all along What I see Is killing me You won’t make it on your own In this hell of a season Give me more

Up (Remix) – Black Keys, The

It’s easy to get lost in it You’ve always been my girl And I’m not ready to call it quits We can make the sun shine in the moon

Yearnin’ – Black Keys, The

Darling I need you, Can you see I got the yearnin We’ve all day, I want your love Your special way I love, I love your smile Oh darlin

Lies – Black Keys, The

Yeah, you said the moon was ours To hell with the day The sunlight is only gonna take love away Raise up suspicions and…and alibis But I can see

The Lengths – Black Keys, The

What is goin’ wrong, I felt you leavin’, Before you’d even gone, Hold me now, Or never, ever, Hold me again, No more talk, Could take me from this,

Money Maker – Black Keys, The

Oh, she wants filthy money But oh, that’s not the way it goes I wanna buy some time but don’t have a dime Hey my my she’s a money

Never Say Never – Black Keys, The

See I never thought that I could walk through fire I never thought that I could take the burn I never had the strength to take it higher Until

Set You Free – Black Keys, The

To love that’s gone Run a mile To see him smile But you don’t know He’s door to door Playin’ you For the fool Let him go Walk out

Sinister Kid – Black Keys, The

And the streets are gray You know I wouldn’t have it Any other way Your mother’s words They’re ringing still But your mother don’t Pay our bills A sinister

Unknown Brother – Black Keys, The

And we spoke not a word I’ll never forget you Through stories that I’ve heard For you unknown brother My baby’s mother is pained Cause your soul is in

Evil – Black Keys, The

Place no one above me, That was yesterday, It’s so far away, Girl, you’re evil, Evil as you can be, One thing for sure, devil better lock his door,