Castles And Dreams – Blackmore’s Night

but what a sad song to sing turned her back on all that she knew In the hope of a golden Ring…. And the Rains come down And the

The Clock Ticks On – Blackmore’s Night

Singing songs to stir the soul. Rainbow colours entwined in fairytales On the maypole… Sing the song of lands from far away, Other times and another place, The wind

Wind In The Willows – Blackmore’s Night

One morning in spring I met with some travelers On an old country lane One was an old man The second a maid The third was a young boy

Wish You Were Here – Blackmore’s Night

Me, oh, my country man, Wish You Were Here… I Wish You Were Here… Don’t you know, the snow is getting colder, And I miss you like hell, And

Fool’s Gold – Blackmore’s Night

The cobblestone still shine Glassy eyes behold the sight Through another cup of wine… The one eyed jester skips and turns As he makes his way through the crowd

Spirit Of The Sea – Blackmore’s Night

To clear my mind about the day, I saw a man I’d seen before As I approached, he slipped away… I knew his face from years ago, His smile

Renaissance Faire – Blackmore’s Night

She had seen an olden sign, She said she was not from this time, And did I feel the same? So I told her, “Yes”, I knew her fear

Shadow Of The Moon – Blackmore’s Night

In the shadow of the moon, She danced in the starlight Whispering a haunting tune To the night… Velvet skirts spun ’round and ’round Fire in her stare In

Morning Star – Blackmore’s Night

Dancing in the air Calling to my heart Saying, “If you dare, We’re running fast We’re running far Trying to catch the morning star…” And time and space Our

Past Time With Good Company – Blackmore’s Night

I love, and shall until I die Grutch who lust, but none deny So god be pleased thus live will I For my pastance Hunt, sing and dance My

Spanish Nights (I Remember It Well) – Blackmore’s Night

From the cold desert sands Painted in shadows A dark caravan… Quiet as a wisper With moves like a cat She ruled like a storm cloud Her eyes glowing

Magical World – Blackmore’s Night

The crystal I held was like an old friend The vines crawled the walls The wind held its breath But the answer I longed for never came… Your name,

Self Portrait – Blackmore’s Night

Color is darkly, the lines will start to crawl Down… down… down… Spin me around and around Draw me away to the night from the day, leave not a

March The Heroes Home – Blackmore’s Night

The bravery of soldiers, The joy that peace can bring The captains on their way home, The ribbons on their chests They’ve packed away the firearms the trumpets lay

Gone With The Wind – Blackmore’s Night

The winds are burning Leaving me without a name How will we ever find our way… Snow was falling I could hear the frightened calling Fear taking over every

Now And Then – Blackmore’s Night

But that’s why you couldn’t stay Too many ghosts, too many haunted dreams Beside you were built to find your own way… But after all these years, I thought

Avalon – Blackmore’s Night

Where magic rules as king The moon beneath the castle walls As the nightingale sings… The golden bird He gave to me What happiness he brings Like a star

Ocean Gipsy – Blackmore’s Night

Learn her freedom… just inside a day, And find her soul to find there fears are laid… Tried to make her love their own, They took her love… they

Under A Violet Moon – Blackmore’s Night

Leave this World behind We’ll have a drink and toast to ourselfes Under a violet Moon Tudor Rose with her Hair in curls Will make you turn and stare