To France – Blind Guardian

Sailing a restless sea From a memory A fantasy The wind carries Into white water Fare from the islands Don’t you know you’re Chorus: Never going to get to

Nightfall – Blind Guardian

In floods of tears she cried “All hope’s lost it can’t be undone They’re wasted and gone” “Save me your speeches I know (They blinded us all) What you

Theatre Of Pain – Blind Guardian

The giant’s lost And all around him Destructed for what They all knew what it meant But they couldn’t change it Lord they had gone too far Leave them

A Past And A Future Secret – Blind Guardian

In blindness and decay the circle’s been closed now My song of the end I’ve seen it all Listen crowd I’ll tell you everything Though I have to say

Somewhere Far Beyond – Blind Guardian

Beyond your reality The ocean of time It’s the odysee of mine I am the narrator And now I’ll tell you Where I’ve been And what I saw And

Time What Is Time – Blind Guardian

And silence has broken The darkest truth The things she remembered Had never been her own Replicant or human I know the way to show What do I see

Imagination From The Other Side – Blind Guardian

I took them all They all went away Now you’re alone To turn out every light so deep in me Hold on Too late Will I ever see them

Mordred’s Song – Blind Guardian

My first breath wasn’t done My spirit’s sunken deep into the ground Why am I alone I can hear my heartbeat Silence’s all around See hate will rise So

Spread Your Wings – Blind Guardian

Sammy was low Just watching the show Over and over again Knew it was time He made up his mind To leave his dead life behind His boss said

Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns) – Blind Guardian

Blood is on your hands Your bane’s A tearful destiny Black clouds will carry Rain of blood I’ve seen it rain We were lost On grinding ice In fear

The Curse Of Feanor – Blind Guardian

Dark realms I went through I arrived My vision’s so clear In anger and pain I left deep wounds behind But I arrived Truth might be changed by victory

Lost In The Twilight Hall – Blind Guardian

the mirror calls my name it’s showing me the way into the dark the bridge appears I jump into the dark side and hear the voice it’s cold as

Surfin’ Usa – Blind Guardian

If everybody had an ocean Across the U. S. A. Then everybody’d be surfin’ Like Californi-a You’d seem ’em wearing their baggies Huarachi sandals too A bushy bushy blonde

The Martyr – Blind Guardian

To take all our pain The kingdom of heaven’s near The children of this time Must die for his arrive To let all the legends be true The prophecy

Thorn – Blind Guardian

Is born that night The misty pond (Has) got a new king Got a new king So what can we do With our lives When it all begins It’s

I’m Alive – Blind Guardian

Of the plains Reach level 99 The pain cuts deep down Through my veins How will I break the ice Welcome to my reality Dream forever Sunlight instead of

Traveler In Time – Blind Guardian

The Morning Sun of Dune (lead: Andre) The holy war’s waiting for the morning sun (3x) The morning sun of Dune there’s no tomorrow the apparation of this land

Hall Of The King – Blind Guardian

No one with you, God, why I didn’t care On through death take me away To the place time will not fade Colder than dead, Darkness – eternity, But

Mirror Mirror – Blind Guardian

We dwelt in shades of twilight Through dread and weary days Through grief and endless pain It lies unknown The land of mine A hidden gate To save us

Journey Through The Dark – Blind Guardian

About the things I saw My inner soul’s a wasteland I can’t run away from here Try to find them All the lost thoughts in my mind I woke