Performer BLUE

No Goodbyes – Blue

Don’t you know it’s time for me to go Even though it hurts to see you cry But don’t you know you’ll never be alone If you hold me

How’s A Man Supposed To Change? – Blue

First verse, drop it Lord knows I’m gonna make it. To brighter days I’m on my way. I dreamed before and saw the way that I was misbehaving. Now

Sweet Thing – Blue

I’ve never seen a girl like that tight How could anyone deny your shine Gotta make it work this time Second time around – it’s on tonight What you

Best In Me – Blue

You touched my hand And I knew that this was gonna be our time I don’t ever wanna lose this feeling I don’t wanna spend a moment apart Chorus:

Back It Up – Blue

Come a little bit closer to me (back it up) Don’t it feel a little nicer to me (back it up) (ok…back it up…blue… back it up…back it up

Riders – Blue

Personality major plus, come back it up When I think about you and me, red hot probably Hey baby won’t you set me free, can’t get enough When you

If You Come Back – Blue

Every since the day you left me here alone, I’ve been trying to find, oh the reason why. So if I did something wrong please tell me, I wanna

Too Close – Blue

I get so excited Oh, how I like it I try but I can’t fight it Oh you’re dancing real close Plus it’s real, real slow You’re making it

Love R. I. P. – Blue

Walk away and just forget about us Hey baby I’m not gonna take it this time Oh no.. If you say that you’re not good for me You see

Flexin’ – Blue

I was Flexin’, anticipating i was wondering what i could say i was driving around, around in circles it’s a miracle i stayed away Bridge: all i wanna do

Only Words I Know (Italian Version) – Blue

Eres de qui? Me gusta tu estilo Sabes lo que te digo? Ever since I saw you standing there I couldn? t get you outta my mind So I

U Make Me Wanna – Blue

You know you make me wanna. To start it off I know you know me To come to think of it, it was only last week. That I had

Made For Loving You – Blue

Some things are meant to be I told you once, I told you twice That boy you been with, doubt he aint right I see the tears, you try

15 Minutes Of Unseen Footage – Blue

Mi fai un bel dono Ma mi sono ricordato che tu sei un bugiardo Così per sempre sarà Ma un’altra lo farà Ritornello Amore dimmi perchè, e io capirò,

Taste It – Blue

You got the flow So why would you wanna to be leaving Think again, honey It’s not the end The loving that you’ve been receiving Don’t you know you’ve

It’s Alright – Blue

’bouta guy that thoughtlove was just a word and a girl that promised she would be there when he called he always playing off the line never knowing that

All Rise – Blue

Yo, yo. Your honour please, Gotta believe what I say, What I will tell, Happened just the other day. I must confess, Cause I’ve had about enough, I need

Supersexual – Blue

Everybody wants you, To me you are, a shining star. Baby what do I do, To make you see, you’re the one for me Baby won’t you realise Girl

Guilty – Blue

I never want to hear the things they gotta say I’ve found everything I need I never wanted anymore than I can see I only want you to believe

Long Time – Blue

‘Cos it’s cold and lonely in this place, oh yeah. And I need to get close to the flames in a fire, And lose myself in yesterday, oh yeah.