Performer BO BICE

You Make Me Better – Bo Bice

Pretending I don’t know where I went wrong I’ve been lying to myself in the arms of someone else Without you I just can’t fake it..tonight Here I am,

Inside Your Heaven – Bo Bice

now I’m blessed I felt a revelation coming around I guess its right, it’s so amazing everytime I see you I’m alive you’re all I’ve got you lift me

Remember Me – Bo Bice

And sheds its light on me It makes me feel like what we had was really nothing at all Now do you care, but am I in this alone

Lie…It’s Alright – Bo Bice

I’m out of cash You can always count on me Oh, I forgot C’mon baby just believe You’re so good at telling lies I’m like “here we go again”

Hold On To Me – Bo Bice

For feeling what you feel There’s something in the way you talk Like you’ve forgotten what is real You don’t have to prove you’re strong To face it on

Vehicle – Bo Bice

Oh won’t you hop inside my car I got pictures, got candy, I am a lovable man I’d like to take you to the nearest star I’m your vehicle

Valley Of Angels – Bo Bice

And sometimes I feel I’ve grown. Never try to let it show, But I’m not alone. If you sing this song, I’ll take you there, If you don’t care.

Willing To Try – Bo Bice

Trying to write another chapter in my life Driving down this lonely highway deep inside And where I’m going I don’t really know But here I go Trying hard

The Real Thing – Bo Bice

Every single day, I feel it But sometimes when you talk It’s obvious you want to show it So don’t blow it Chorus: Tell me what we got, tell

My World – Bo Bice

Convince me that you love me while planning your escape Always looking past me on to someone else’s face Tell me Is he all the things you tried to

You’re Everything – Bo Bice

As long as you’re who I’m with Praise you with my dying breath Pull my heart out of my chest God, I’d do anything. I’ll open every car door,

Sinner In A Sin – Bo Bice

If you’re going or if you’re gone So you dodge from right to left Never knowing which way is wrong, no You’re holding strong to all you know It’s

Nothing Without You – Bo Bice

Come on, come on, come on Tell me what’s on your mind It doesn’t matter baby what I say You never seemed to hear me anyway What’s going to