One Girl To Love – Bobby Valentino

All fellas please listen up to me I sincerely say these words What goes around, comes back around I hope you feel me, cuz I’m not hating no If

Tell Me – Bobby Valentino

Bobby Valentino haha Ah ay yo Tim drop the beat for me Ah yeah haha Do it really sexy for me yeah Y’all see that girl over there Hey

Slow Down – Bobby Valentino

Down on Melrose You looked like an angel Straight out of heaven, girl I was blown away by Your sexiness All I have to do is catch up to

My Angel (Never Leave You) – Bobby Valentino

Damn you know whats meant to be is meant to be you cant run from love When I first met you I had these deep feelings I

Give Me A Chance – Bobby Valentino

(feat. Ludacris) Let this be the day that you change your life Let me show you what a day without pain is like Lets toast come close baby

Love Dream – Bobby Valentino

Never have I wanted someone like this before Now we are all alone let me explain it more A little romance girl, is all that’s on my mind Tonight

Never Lonely – Bobby Valentino

Everytime I see you, you lool like a star Don’t mean to impose, I just Wanna get to know you When we talked on the phone you said You

Lights Down Low – Bobby Valentino

Come on Baby yeah Come on I wanna make love Oh baby I wanna make love Three months, two weeks, five days Phone calls, emails and the

Come Touch Me – Bobby Valentino

It’s one of those nights girl you know just what I need I don’t have to spell it out you bring out the freak in me ooh something terrible

Want You To Know Me – Bobby Valentino

I been a hustla and a playa for a while now and it’s time for me to settle down now. I been thinkin about a life with you girl,

I’ll Forgive You – Bobby Valentino

I might as well admit it That I still miss you I know what I said but it’s Kind of hard for me And it’s hurting me This is