Performer BODY COUNT

Necessary Evil – Body Count

Look outside my window, I still see a fucked up world Waking up to helicopter and car alarams, Does this happen where you live? Gunshots sound in my my

Voodoo – Body Count

Way down in New Orleans, yeah. I met this old lady, she said she’d teach me ’bout Voodoo she said she knew about Voodoo (Voodoo) she said she’d teach

Evil Dick – Body Count

Evil, dick, evil, dick. Evil, dick, evil, dick. Evil dick likes warm, wet places, evil dick don’t care about faces. Evil dick likes, young, tiny, small spaces, evil dick

Body Count’s In The House – Body Count

Body Count, Body Count. (YEAH MUTHA FUCKAAAAAA!) Body Count, Body Count. Body Count, Body Count. Body Count, Body Count. Body Count, Body Count, nigga! Body Count, Body Count. Body

Bowels Of The Devil – Body Count

We were actin’ wild ’cause I didn’t have nothin’ else better to do. Got a nine at my waist stay out my fuckin’ face. You fuck with me right

KKK Bitch – Body Count

about now, I wanna tell you a little love story, you know what I’m sayin’, this is a Body Count love story check out the lyrics, you know, I’m

Body Count – Body Count

and I watch T. V. and I wonder what it would be like to live someplace like, you know, the Cosby show, Ozzie and Harriet, you know, where cops

Who Are You? – Body Count

‘Cause you drink all muthafuckin’ day You come home hit mom, smack mom, beat mom, Raise another brew to your face with you Swollen palm Then you come in

Here Goes The Neighborhood – Body Count

Here come them fuckin’ niggas with their fancy cars. Who gave them fuckin’ niggas those rock guitars? Who let ’em in the club? Did you make ’em pay? Who

The Winners Loses – Body Count

smokes day and night drives mom and pop insane. Living his life in the dark light every dollar he gets goes into the pipe. He wants to borrow some

Shallow Graves – Body Count

You give me for honor (graves) Where your soldeirs lay (graves) They’re so far away (graves) The home of the brave (graves) I won’t die in your bullshit wars