Afterlife – Bolt Thrower

As you feel your soul depart from this world Prepare for a journey to regions of the unknown Your life has now ended You fear the conclusion Cast into

What Dwells Within – Bolt Thrower

Revealing memories past life unknown Fervent emotions from deep within Inner transformation now begins Life before you cannot conceive Thoughts repressed denial to believe Precise identity you cannot tell

Unleashed (Upon Mankind) – Bolt Thrower

Their execration revealed, only your death will suffice You cannot conceal, this reality from your mind As unknown powers, are unleashed upon mankind Unleashed upon mankind Running – in

Forgotten Existence – Bolt Thrower

Still chilling winds roam the nulear wastes Haunting the conscience of a forgotten existence Civilisation’s mistake Peace at last takes it’s grip on the land For a moment time

Embers – Bolt Thrower

From the glowing fragments of what remains, The soul shall rise from amongst the flames, From smouldering ruins the power grows, Feel the pulse of fear as we regain

Nuclear Annihilation – Bolt Thrower

Final blow, life eradication Night turns to day, a blinding flash Total deafness from the blast No warning, no time Split second, no chance of escape Confusion of mind

Lament – Bolt Thrower

The time has come to leave this place – Never to return Nothing’s left but ashes – My body now is spurned Your sorrow will subside in time –

Challenge For Power – Bolt Thrower

Decision on victory is death Ultimate forces rise Building weapons of strength Wheels of war again roll Strategic tactics are planned Military minds take control Ownership of the domain

…For Victory – Bolt Thrower

As daylight returns The fires of hope still burn Crawl through darkened light Sickened by the mournful sight Tears fall from eyes Not sure what has been done Sorrow

Dark Millennium – Bolt Thrower

You feel confusion and new torment as your mind decays Devolution of your life – begins today – begins today Hear the sircas scream in vain Despair for your

Spearhead – Bolt Thrower

Spearhead marching onward, Take my soul sacrificial offering. Your initial strike taken by surprise, Now left alone, condemned by my pride, Drained of all emotion – body now an

Destructive Infinity (Bonus Track) – Bolt Thrower

Man reborn to die upon the altar of war And now we stand, to face the truth This world now enslaved, bound by hate In fear of life now

Warmaster – Bolt Thrower

Within the past, present and future Man has sought to destroy All that stood in our way As man fights man In the epic struggle for survival The warmaster

Concessions Of Pain – Bolt Thrower

Beneath the blackened clouds of war Attack in the darkness No peace before the dawn Killer instinct, sadistic tendency Aggression breeding hatred, kill all enemies Powersurge eliminates remorse for

Armageddon Bound – Bolt Thrower

On the edge – spirit begins to break Chances unsure – not much more you can take Weakness grows – nerves start to crack Far from safe – there

Through The Eye Of Terror – Bolt Thrower

Humanity prevails, through the eye of terror A twisted reality – mutilated eternally Here now you shall stay to grow in strength return some day To seek revenge on

Final Revelation – Bolt Thrower

Controlled by fear, held deep within your mind As your mind reaches a distant point Your soul beyond all pain You shall realize all that has occurred Were illusions

Realm Of Chaos – Bolt Thrower

Enter the realm of chaos, your nightmare has just begun You may wake up screaming, but there’s no place left to run The ancient prophecy of dominant supremacy Find

World Eater – Bolt Thrower

As silence roars through gathered masses You stared waiting eagerly Approaching darkness decreasing your life expectancy The tension is now rising The calm before the storm See your life

In Battle There Is No Law – Bolt Thrower

There is no law And in the presence of eternal death There is no law And just the struggle for power the domination prevails An arising slaughter In revenging,