On Top Of The World – Boys Like Girls

And I am still here waiting To see you again Be with you my friend When the moon is gone forever I hope you’re up there somewhere I’ll see

Dance Hall Drug – Boys Like Girls

She just turned 16 Stuck in the moment Dead at the scene And it’s on tonight This is the life that you wanted, right? So turn off all the

Heels Over Head – Boys Like Girls

Gonna cash it right in for a new Mercedes You were worth the hundred thousand miles But you couldn’t stay awhile I got your little brown shirt in my

The Great Escape – Boys Like Girls

All are belongings in shopping carts It’s goodbye But we got one more night Let’s get drunk and ride around And make peace with an empty town We can

Hero / Heroine – Boys Like Girls

I’ve got my hands in my pocket and my head in a cloud This is how I do When I think about you I never thought that you could

Thunder – Boys Like Girls

Whoa (whoa, whoa, whoa) Today in the blink of an eye I’m holding on to something and I do not know why I tried I tried to read between

Free – Boys Like Girls

Won’t hear the phone ring You won’t hear me sing Yeah I’m guilty, guilty of everything I’ll run away Cause I’ve gotta find a place where you won’t know

Five Minutes To Midnight – Boys Like Girls

Fast lives are stuck in the undertow But you know the places I wanna go Cause oh oh oh I’ve got a sickness, you’ve got the cure You’ve got

I Told You So – Boys Like Girls

Whenever the loneliness you’re hating Whenever you say you wish you never left i say I’ll say I told you so I told you so ^Chorus I used to

Holiday – Boys Like Girls

As wild as an elephant’s child No one could hold me down No one could keep me around Now it’s your turn, take a shot Baby show me everything

Broken Man – Boys Like Girls

I want to swallow these pills to get to sleep So I don’t have to make a bad impression I need to start to be myself Cause I’m sick

Learning To Fall – Boys Like Girls

The worst day of my life You’re so content it hurts me I don’t know why The cost of misery Is at an all time high I keep it

Me, You And My Medication – Boys Like Girls

I’ve had too much to smoke, too much to drink, where have I been? I feel like the stars are getting closer and the sky is closing in And

Up Against The Wall – Boys Like Girls

Look out below And I’m wasted I still taste it Yeah it’s so hard to let go So breathe in now And breathe it out The forecast A car

Kill Me In A Record Shop – Boys Like Girls

Your kiss, your kiss You walked in Indie rock used to be dirty pop Could you be everything; My rise and my fall? Rescue me, 9 to 5 40