Hold Me In Your Arms (And Let Me Fall) – Brad Paisley

Chorus: Hold me in your arms Just see how it feels Don’t make me wait forever Just because you know I will Don’t leave me hangin’, wishin’, waitin’, Hopin’

That’s Love – Brad Paisley

Oh yeah, uh huh. There ain’t a woman in the world That wants to hear the word, yes When she asks you if you think That she looks chubby

Farther Along – Brad Paisley

Why it should be thus all the day long While there are others living about us Never molested though in the wrong. Chorus: Farther along we’ll know all about

The Old Rugged Cross – Brad Paisley

The emblem of suffering and shame; And I love that old cross where the dearest and best For a world of lost sinners was slain. So I’ll cherish the

Born On Christmas Day – Brad Paisley

But a star still lit the sky Away in a manger you heard a baby cry It was the cry of the Son of God A little baby boy

Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday – Brad Paisley

Well, it’s a Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday Whatever you do watch what you say If you’re easily offended well that’s okay It’s a completely non-offensive and politically correct holiday

He Didn’t Have To Be – Brad Paisley

It always winds up feeling more like a job interview. My momma used to wonder if she’d ever meet someone Who wouldn’t find out about me and then turn

Cornography – Brad Paisley

(featuring James Burton & the Kung Pao Buckaroos) Written by Brad Paisley, Frank Rogers and Peter Tilden The Grand Old Op’ry Theatre proudly presents: Cornography. Kung Pao! Episode two:

364 Days To Go – Brad Paisley

Stacked up dishes, but who cares They can wait until tomorrow now It’s you and me, and this old couch The Christmas tree in our living room Fills the

Whiskey Lullaby – Brad Paisley

(Bill Anderson/Jon Randall) (Brad) She put him out like the burnin’ end of a midnight cigarette She broke his heart, he spent his whole life tryin’ to forget We

I’ve Been Better – Brad Paisley

They transfered me out to La Jolla right on the ocean And now I’m makin more money than I can spend I’ve got a house on the beach and

Famous People – Brad Paisley

Well, your the first car in an hour or so I’m glad you stopped in, It’s sure been slow around here today, Just like everyday. Well, I couldn’t help

The World – Brad Paisley

You’re just another checking account To the plumber that came today You’re just another house At the airport ticket counter You’re just another fare At the beauty shop at

Holdin’ On To You – Brad Paisley

When I close my eyes You’re still in my arms And we never said goodbye It’s all I can do To go on with my life But that’s supposed

You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive – Brad Paisley

That’s the place where I traced my bloodline And it’s there I read on a hillside gravestone You will never leave Harlan alive Well my granddad’s dad walked down

Come On Over Tonight – Brad Paisley

Said I’d never fall in love used all the old cliches But just now when you called and my heart rate hit the roof I realized it’s time to

Easy Money – Brad Paisley

In the hot summer sun all day Now I work two hours a night It feels a lot more like play ‘Fore Kenny joined the band He used to

All You Really Need Is Love – Brad Paisley

So you say you wanna tie the knot And you’re askin’ me if I think that the two of you have got What it takes to make it work

Waitin’ On A Woman – Brad Paisley

He sat down in his overalls and asked me You waitin’ on a woman I nodded yeah and said how ’bout you He said son since nineteen fifty-two I’ve

Flowers – Brad Paisley

Created by the good Lord Cut down in the prime of their lives Boxed up, wrapped in paper Delivered to your front door Just to wind up in your