Throw It All Away – Brandi Carlile

When I’m untrue you see right through me You know me as deep as the sea goes Calm my head whenever the storm blows When the stars, and the

Wasted – Brandi Carlile

it If shining wisdom passed your lips and traveled to the ears of god you’d waste it And so I hate that your overrated most revered and celebrated cause

In My Own Eyes – Brandi Carlile

Hold me down lift me up There’s someone on the bedside waiting there for me I hear my name, turn around There’s gotta be a downside, something I don’t

Fall Apart Again – Brandi Carlile

Long is the day, take it away Hold it up and you don’t let it fall Cause devils play was yesterday And I don’t care about that at all

Turpentine – Brandi Carlile

I watch you grow away from me in photographs, and memories like spies, The salt betrays my eyes again, I’ve started losing sleep and gaining weight, and wishing I

What Can I Say – Brandi Carlile

Look to the clock on the wall Hands hardly moving at all I can’t stand the state that I’m in Sometimes it feels like the wall’s closing in Oh

Happy – Brandi Carlile

I don’t hang around that place no more I’m tired of wearing circles in the floor And I don’t carry myself very well I’ve gotten so much braver Can

Cannonball – Brandi Carlile

I was born when I met you Now I’m dying to forget you And that is what I know Though I dreamed I would fall Like a wounded cannonball

Gone – Brandi Carlile

Life is too short to waste all your time Running too quickly to the finish line Time is a track it’s ready and set And the longer you live

Losing Heart – Brandi Carlile

If my heart don’t beat and the sun don’t shine They’ll get theirs You’ll get yours and I’ll get mine It used to be that everything was easy Now

Tragedy – Brandi Carlile

Sorry I’m only Human you know me Grown up oh no guess again My days always Dry up and blow away Sometimes I could do that too But make

Until I Die – Brandi Carlile

With all the pretty lights You think I can get that high? Hey you man, where’s your motivation And why the celebration You’ve gotten nothing done here You wanna

Josephine – Brandi Carlile

To that cold and dark December I am missing someone but I don’t know who Now I’m standing alone and I’m trying to remember Sometimes I wonder how I

Closer To You – Brandi Carlile

Yellow lines that blend together in my eyes And when the seasons change again then I will too I just want to be closer to you I’m staring out

Follow – Brandi Carlile

Follow your heart and see where it might take you Don’t let the world outside there break you They know not who you are inside They have never felt

Shadow on the Wall – Brandi Carlile

Gone, it’s hard for me to say when I’m wrong It’s hard for me to weep when I’m strong But I can never sleep when you’re gone Oh, but

My Song – Brandi Carlile

Everything I do surrounds these pieces of my life that often change Or maybe I’ve changed Sometimes seeming happy can be self destructive even when you’re sane Or only

Late Morning Lullaby – Brandi Carlile

Soon as my eyes shut the slide show begins Yesterday is gone now and the panic sets in With the weight upon my chest and a ghost upon my

Again Today – Brandi Carlile

Will turn to dust just like our bones It’s words that hurt the most now isn’t it Are you sad inside, are you home alone If I could just

Downpour – Brandi Carlile

I wash away what you long for And I wave goodbye with the sun in my eyes I wish I could be there tonight I’m like the wind in