Hot Pursuit – Bravery, The

Hot Pursuit You’ve got nowhere to run You’ve got nowhere to hide I know you won’t escape This time You can’t run far enough You can’t run fast enough

Give In – Bravery, The

Everything that I’ll ever be All I want is everything Everyone that’s coming for me Nothing happens and everything is changed All I want is everything to stay the

Time Won’t Let Me Go – Bravery, The

On the best days of my life I think I saw them all on T. V. I am so homesick now for Someone that I never knew I am

Tyrant – Bravery, The

There’s a bouquet for me A corsage of promises And I am pinned Like a butterfly on a card I’m naked and I’m scarred And you’re so perfect to

Angelina – Bravery, The

You are the sun and the moon Every song I ever sang, I stole it from you I knew that nothing could tear us apart, I never even gave

This Is Not The End – Bravery, The

Come on tell me what you can Even as you wait for death your wiser than I am Tell me what does it mean to exist I am not

Out Of Line – Bravery, The

Hey sweet eliza rememeber me? i’m a lair but not a cheat, no i think its safe to say that I get carried away and liars aren’t fooling any

The Ocean – Bravery, The

And all of the lies that I never have led Is one where I stayed with you, accross the sea I wonder do you still think of me I

Tragedy Bound – Bravery, The

Looking for clues I’m starting to suspect she likes abuse I’m starting to feel like she doesn’t feel Is there anybody in there? Tragedy Bound She is a mess

The Ring Song – Bravery, The

Me and the sea I don’t think so I don’t think it was meant to be Take me off, somewhere cold Gradually just growing old And someday maybe make

No Brakes – Bravery, The

I slit the line But if you want me, it’s cool You can take me for a fool I could slow down if you want me to But just

Fearless – Bravery, The

Something wicked this way comes The best time I’ve ever had Waiting around for something bad Fearless, fearless, ohh And I know that’s why you love me Fearless, fearless,

Rites Of Spring – Bravery, The

You’re the woman who made me a man I was down you taught me to stand You’re the woman who made me… I was made up of nothing You

Believe – Bravery, The

Waiting for our ship to come but our ships not coming back We do have time like pennies in a jar What are we saving for There’s a

Split Me Wide Open – Bravery, The

Split me wide open and look right inside There’s so many things that I tried to hide Oh you see right through me You always see right through me

Above And Below – Bravery, The

Sometimes I feel like I wanna leave this place for good Under the ground – I’ll live down there without a sound And never hear these hissing voices all

Unconditional – Bravery, The

and I’ve spent my whole life alone I wonder why I never wonder why The easiest things are so hard I just want, I just want love I just

Fistful Of Sand – Bravery, The

But in your eyes I see that I’m alone You’ve left me with your body in my arms But I can’t feel you anymore – You are gone I

Bad Sun – Bravery, The

Like the spring we are such fools Like fall we are the prophets Like winter we are cruel I don’t know what’s wrong with us They just made us

An Honest Mistake – Bravery, The

They don’t mean a thing to you They move right through you Just like your breath But sometimes I still think of you And I just wanted to Just