So Sorry – Brian Mcknight

For everytime I tried to rush you off the phone. For everytime I said something to make you cry. Now that all is said and done, I can’t deny.

Could – Brian Mcknight

Lying alone in my room Don’t know what I’m gonna do Trying to figure out If this is it, this time Just can’t stop thinking About the way you

Stay With Him – Brian Mcknight

Down this crooked path It was a point in time Wasn’t meant to be I told you not Not to fall In love with me I hate I hate

Still – Brian Mcknight

Time goes faster than you blink, Nothing’s ever like it was, Girl we’ve got a special thing, Your the happiness it brings, Is more than enough, I know it’s

Everytime You Go Away – Brian Mcknight

Can’t believe you share my world But it’s real And everytime that I hold you close to me Forever is all that I can see How it feels See

All Over Now – Brian Mcknight

Your boss is trying not to hate You find it hard to concentrate Thinkin’ ’bout this good thing I try my best to be your man Use me girl

Last Dance – Brian Mcknight

Fa, la, la, la Fa, la, la, la Fa, la, la, la, la, hey Fa, la, la, la Fa, la, la, la Fa, la, la, la, ooh Do I

She (Featuring Talib Kweli) – Brian Mcknight

She’s the finest I’ve ever seen Cut from the finest cloth of human being An’ bein’ in her presence is like the first day of spring N’ whenever I’m

I Can’t Go For That – Brian Mcknight

Easy, ready, willing, overtime Where does it stop where do you dare me to draw the line Use the body now you want my soul Oo, forget about it

One Last Cry – Brian Mcknight

Are mending on the shelf I saw you holding hands, standing close to someone else Now i sit all alone wishing all my feeling was gone I gave my

The Only One For Me – Brian Mcknight

la la la la la la la la la la lla la la la la la la la la la la la la You say you’ve seen too many

Oh Lord – Brian Mcknight

I’m calling your name oh lord I can’t go on this way Will i make it another day Oh lord, was i made just to beg and crawl Who

One Of The One’s Who Did – Brian Mcknight

Whose mother and father is across the waters, Fighting the war they know nothing about, We pray for you tonight, God help us, listen. We’re running outta time, can’t

First Noel – Brian Mcknight

The angels did say Was to certain poor shepards In fields as they lay Oh in fields where they lay They lay keeping their sheep On a cold winter’s

Good Enough – Brian Mcknight

Neither one of us can get to sleep Cause what’s on your mind Is what’s on my mind Both of us know we just may regret it And neither

Here With You – Brian Mcknight

The DJ’s bout to play a slow jam I’m waitin bout an hour for this momement to dance with you do you wanna dance with me with me too

Christmas Time Is Here – Brian Mcknight

And the day of thanksgiving has come and gone Silver bells begin to ring Hear little children sing Silent night was never just a song Stockings are hung by

Home For The Holidays – Brian Mcknight

Christmas time is coming Family and friends have drawn near Joy to the world As heaven and nature sing Hearts are filled with happiness and cheer Oh, grandma’s in

On The Down Low – Brian Mcknight

Had a man, and she didn’t mind Walked up to me nice and slow What she wanted I did not know Gave me her pager number And said call

Let It Snow ’98 – Brian Mcknight

Boyz ii men, brian mcknight Back at ya baby A little something for ya in ’98 Ya’ll ready fellas Let’s turn it on for them As a matter of