No Game – Brokencyde

HAH. And you aint got no game (x3) SO QUIT PLAYING! And you aint got no game (x3) SO QUIT PLAYING! And who you playing, You aint guna pull

Schizophrenia!!! – Brokencyde

like this… Chorus: ONE! TWO! We’re coming for you. THREE! FOUR! Lock your door. FIVE! SIX! Suck on my dick. BROKENCYDE WILL NEVER DIE! (x2) And I and I

Sex Toyz – Brokencyde

Turn around girlfriend now drop it. Let me see you pop and lock it. Put your hands down in my pocket. And make my PP hard. Shut the fuck

2drunk 2drive – Brokencyde

Up and down, back and forth, I’m making you my whore. Up and down, back and forth, girl you will be my whore… I’M SO FUCKED UP! I’M SO

Band Tee – Brokencyde

Cause I’m an animal! (x4) I got my band tee on. I got my skinny jeans on. And I’m ready to roll. Let’s hit up the show. (x2) Cause

Still Waiting 4 U – Brokencyde

And everyday, I see him there (WITH YOU! ) Holding your hand, he’s trying to (KISS YOU! ) I try so hard, I wanna be (WITH YOU! ) Cuz

So Hard 2 Take – Brokencyde

I tried so hard until it was all over and done my feelings were long gone, no longer hurt in my stomach at first it was love kid than

Taking Lyfe From Me – Brokencyde

this pain that easily became my death pain of the bitch that made me stress push me away, take my breath send me to another place we hear anyplace

Kandyland – Brokencyde

You’re everything I need, and everything I see. These broken wings, will guide our love through the sky. And take us away from these nightmares… And these broken wings,

Bree! Bree! – Brokencyde

HATE! KILL! LOVE! PAIN! (x4) Chorus: Don’t cut, don’t cut this pig. Don’t cut, don’t cut this pig. BREE BREE! BREE BREE! Don’t cut, don’t cut this pig. (x2)

True Love – Brokencyde

Just move them hips. AND SHAKE THAT ASS! (x8) You feel your body breaking down. I can take it all away. All I need for you to say. JUST