When She’s Gone, She’s Gone – Brooks & Dunn

Saw an old friend last night I hadn’t seen in a couple of years Stopped in Galatoire’s had a couple of beers Talked about the price of oysters, the

Way Gone – Brooks & Dunn

Way gone for my sweet baby So strong and I dont mean maybe If I’m wrong then I dont know nothing ‘Cause I’m way gone for her sweet loving

Days Of Thunder – Brooks & Dunn

Drinkin beer on the back of the tailgate Boys from the valley wanna start a fire Hey baby what you wanna do tonight The only fear a rebel heart

Hard Workin’ Man – Brooks & Dunn

I’m a hard workin’ man I wear a steel hard hat I can ride, rope, hammer and paint Do things with my hands that most men can’t I can’t

Lucky Me, Lonely You – Brooks & Dunn

Girl you’ve got lonely written all over you I can read the writing from across this crowded room All by yourself there in your world of blue Lucky me,

Whiskey Under The Bridge – Brooks & Dunn

There’s not a heart that ain’t been broken A lie that ain’t been spoken A shattered dream that brand new love can’t fix I’ve been burned, I’ve been cheated

Boot Scootin’ Boogie – Brooks & Dunn

Well there’s a honky tonk near the county line The joint starts jumpin everynight when the sun goes down They got whiskey women music & smoke It’s where all

Hangin’ ‘Round the Mistletoe – Brooks & Dunn

Snowy days and frosty nights Everything looks cold and white Hangin’ round the mistletoe Hangin’ round the mistletoe Christmas Day will soon be here And everybody’s full of cheer

You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone – Brooks & Dunn

I’m still hurtin’ from the last time You walked on this heart of mine I can’t find much to believe in You let me down so many times Heaven

He’s Got You – Brooks & Dunn

I thought we would always be together The love we shared was gonna last forever Once I was your one and only Now here I sit, Mister Lonely He’ll

All Out Of Love – Brooks & Dunn

Are you gonna call it quits ‘Cause girl from where I sit All the signs I read Say you’re over me My world stopped And time stands still Until

Red Dirt Road – Brooks & Dunn

I was raised off of old route 3 Out passed where the blacktop ends We’d walk to church on Sunday morning And race barefoot back to Johnson’s fence That’s

Redneck Rhythm & Blues – Brooks & Dunn

Well good God o’mighty this week’s been two months long Lord I love to hear that Friday five o’clock whistle moan As the moon comes up and the sun

I’ve Got A Lot To Learn – Brooks & Dunn

I’d paint the town and stumble in at dawn But now there’s no one listening for my footsteps And it’s windin’ down to one more night alone I thought

White Line Casanova – Brooks & Dunn

I’m dead headin’ down from Tulsa Goin’ back to San Antone My baby called me up this morning Begging me to come back home Haulin’ high hopes and thin

When Love Dies – Brooks & Dunn

Love conquers all and someday it’ll conquer you There’s nothing finer than falling all in it When love is true But once it goes out and breaks your heart

My Heart is Lost to You – Brooks & Dunn

The scent of you on the breeze Maybe it was your shadow that fell over me Such a beautiful stranger Eyes darker than coal Your first look crossed desert

If That’s The Way You Want It – Brooks & Dunn

I’ve loved you since I met you I guess I always will There’s something ’bout the way you smile That makes my heart stand still You say you love

Born And Raised In Black And White – Brooks & Dunn

Makes some people go insane While others quietly pray for rain That’s where we came from Two boys playing in the burning sun One with books and one with

Honky Tonk Truth – Brooks & Dunn

I’m the life of the party, baby, since you said good-bye Just ask old Joe, He knows, I’m here every night And that good old boy in the mirror