Betty Betty – Bubba Sparxxx

Song: Betty Betty Uh-uh.. wassup ladies? Bubba can’t forget about y’all.. (Intro) Hey Betty Betty, hush your mouth, let me tell you something Hey Betty Betty, this Bubba K,

Comin’ Round – Bubba Sparxxx

I just can’t think of anything that can make me smile like you can I see you comin’ ’round the bend I just can’t think of anything that can

Lovely – Bubba Sparxxx

Here it comes again Come on, come on Here it comes again Come on, come on Don’t I look extra slick in this

Bubba Talk – Bubba Sparxxx

There goes that damn Bubba just bein his country self Slide inside Timmy’s track and ride it ’til nothing’s left Bet you then they’ll get the picture, a legendary

Get Right – Bubba Sparxxx

Get your ass up.. get your ass up.. get your ass up.. I hear your car keys jinglin, go ‘head and crank it up Spent a thousand on the

Bubba Sparxxx – Bubba Sparxxx

I just hitch hiked my way from Athens to Cascade Paid homage for three days been written the past eight I feel I’m the last great warrior of written

Infected – Bubba Sparxxx

Hahahahahahah! Don’t be scared of me Come on over here and let Bubba infect you Uhh, uhh From the slums the East of Athens to the plains in North

If It’s Bumpin’ – Bubba Sparxxx

I drop the verses y’all don’t deliver Take the chances y’all won’t consider Got a loyal broad named Betty who know what to do with that chrome I give

New South – Bubba Sparxxx

To all it was All it is And all it shall be New South Uh, yeah, yeah I gotta key Bubba answers, a kilo of questions

Overcome – Bubba Sparxxx

(I hope we’re tapin now) Party people It’s the place to be I come to bring to you Bubba Sparxxx and that bitch got somethin to prove And that

Like It or Not – Bubba Sparxxx

Uhh, Sleepy Brown Uhh, Bubba Sparxxx We gon’ keep doin it baby Whether you like it or not.. uhh Ain’t a damn thang pretty

Ugly – Bubba Sparxxx

Uhh.. uh-oh, uh-oh Tch-tchka-tchka-tchka-tchka uhh Uh-oh, uh-oh Tchka-tchka uhh Uh-oh, uh-oh Say what, say what? Freaky freaky uhh Tchka-tchka-tchka-tchka Bubba I ain’t choose to rhyme; rhymin chose

Jimmy Mathis – Bubba Sparxxx

The Mathis family, they cant hide that money from us no more Jimmy Mathis please come out here and tell these folks who ya son is, And Mama tell

Twerk a Little – Bubba Sparxxx

Song: Twerk A Little Feel me Uhh! .. Uhh! C’mon, c’mon, ah c’mon, ah c’mon Catch me on a, backroad, or cookin in your momma’s house In

Runaway – Bubba Sparxxx

I wanna runaway…Cuz baby you’re my everything I don’t need this All I need is us Cmon girl, lets put it in the wind I care none, bout no

Takem to the Water – Bubba Sparxxx

Now truthfully, I believe that I’m the tightest nigga musically Usually I wouldn’t brag but I’ve been bustin since my puberty In a Cadillac that ride with five guls

Warrant – Bubba Sparxxx

I wanna run, I’ve been runnin for some time now My time has come, I think I’ll turn myself in now I wanna run, ohh, I’ve been runnin

Regardless – Bubba Sparxxx

Yeah, ha (B. K.) C. I. (okay?) Yo You ever rolled up in a convenience store with a forty-four and told the cashier to drop to the floor? But

Hootnanny – Bubba Sparxxx

I could go number one ten times Pretty girls that like my rhymes You can say Bubba ain’t gonna shine Guess wha, wha, don’t really give a hootnanny I

My Tone – Bubba Sparxxx

My tone (Tell me do you love it) My southern slang (Tell me do you love it) I’m sorry girl (Tell me do you love it), OW! (Tell me