Lawless And Lulu – Buckcherry

Crazy and a nighttime angel She had a colorful career Always doing it right And her laugh was so original Dealing with a lawless villain He lacked discipline and

Everything – Buckcherry

Finding it hard to fall asleep she won’t let anyone help her The look on her face, A waste of time She won’t let go, Gonna roll the dice

Baby – Buckcherry

Where would you be in my life I’ll tell you now I’m dangerous Love bleeds there in your eyes She flies like a butterfly Wind underneath her pretty wings

Without You – Buckcherry

Is everything alright Help me understand you You go out with your friends And talk to other men And our love life is a wasteland And with the change

Drink The Water – Buckcherry

You’re self sufficient but blind Time to create tormented butterfly So instrumental it seems, oh Deadlines commitments drink the caffeine Don’t mind me, I’m sick from drugs Blew through

Borderline – Buckcherry

Yeah The canvas of an open mind Well it makes a good mold I’m taking off on you this time Don’t be late for the show We’re always laughing

Slit My Wrists – Buckcherry

Cant we both just get along I see the hesitation in your eyes Take me back again Maybe we can work it out You know I hate to see

So Far – Buckcherry

comon’ oh I’ll tell you how the story’s told I always wanted so much more And way on down the road I caught a glimpse of the sunlight Working

Carousel – Buckcherry

It’s those days i wish i had you right here in my arms I’m getting lonely I’m sick of waiting here for you I’m getting lonely Please come home

Whiskey In The Morning – Buckcherry

My friends keep asking me Are you ok, man, you’re eyes are glazin’ I cant get over it This shit is killing me My body’s achin’, hands are shakin’

Get Back – Buckcherry

Saw you out my window thought this girl is hot Oh baby I could tell that you’re in tune with yourself on the boulevard Oh yeah Double up on

Open Your Eyes – Buckcherry

Do you feel my touch You are the comfort in my eyes Moving through the lust Feeling dangerous I wanna open the door to your life Chorus: The steps

Brooklyn – Buckcherry

Dance with the ladies all night long take train to Brooklyn tryin’ to get laid I see your walkin away Don’t be afraid I won’t bite hard it’s better

Porno Star – Buckcherry

Late night working avenue Never had a chance to love you Never want to see you cry Thank god it’s quitting time Fuck me harder kill the lights Never

Slammin’ – Buckcherry

All alone baby Come alive when you’re high, yeah. I’m on the road steady Hot as hell ready I’m the next one in line, yeah Chorus: Slammin’ It’s your

Dirty Mind – Buckcherry

I’ll tell you again I’ve had it with your dirty fucking mind I messed about in the night and found some shelter Walked a line till you find and

Sunshine – Buckcherry

you keep playin with me baby till im deep in between You never let the sunshine you better take it from me And everytime your sunshine’s you make me

For The Movies – Buckcherry

Did you get back from what you gave I see some symptoms of a past that you forgave You never were expendable You always made me feel alive And

Next To You – Buckcherry

Coming to you hunny on eastside running and I ain’t got time to waste Jumping into the car in the backseat lovin’ but you keep me on a chase

Related – Buckcherry

Remember how we got through those moments of being fools To pass the days with the passion plays I loved to dance the stage And through our fights we