Curses – Bullet For My Valentine

So when you feel like shit you gotta keep on pushin, If you saw the world through my eyes, then you wouldn’t feel so high rise, Its time to

Her Voice Resides – Bullet For My Valentine

And I’m frustrated, I can’t believe you’re not the one My ears are bleeding, her voice resides inside my head And now I’m choking, release this noose around my

Eye Of The Storm – Bullet For My Valentine

can you feel the raining force? melt down all your windows that barricade the doors mother nature’s fury takes you by the hand showing all but mercy wrecking death

My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars – Bullet For My Valentine

Do you hear me shout?! Bleeding through my ribbon on my eyes (to come home). What I’m thinking now when I take you out We can always start to

Room 409 – Bullet For My Valentine

I can’t believe what I’ve seen, so scratch my eyes out! You, were at ease, on your knees, in his apartment! You said his name, as I came, in

Waking The Demon – Bullet For My Valentine

You sealed your demise when you took what was mine. Dont try and stop me from avenging this world, No voice to be heard. Waking the Demon, Where’d ya

End Of Days – Bullet For My Valentine

The clock is ticking Can you hear the countdown With every hour Give me the power I need the strength to carry on On and on No more I

4 Words – Bullet For My Valentine

But somewhere down that line You’re gonna get what’s coming to you Look at me now, Look at me now, Look at me now! Pull the knife from my

Cries In Vain – Bullet For My Valentine

But nothing seems to quench the thirst you keep on craving, But now i need an answer to my prayers and you not there, So why I think you

7 Days – Bullet For My Valentine

What if, you always wait till…?? Seven days to live..?? Nothing better (or Nothing but a) you cant say no to this one thing. You’ve had it all given

The Poison – Bullet For My Valentine

We’ve gathered here to say goodbye No, more, you’ll cry No reason left for you to fight Feel, pain, no more Emotions never felt before Where, do, we go

Tears Don’t Fall – Bullet For My Valentine

With blood shot eyes, I watch you sleeping The warmth I feel beside me is slowly fading Would she hear me, if I called her name? Would she hold

Take It Out On Me – Bullet For My Valentine

I’m always thinking of you and all the things that you do Self-centred satisfaction no more will I run from you Dysfunction family values I’ll die but i will

Scream, Aim, Fire – Bullet For My Valentine

My brothers dead around me, Wounds are hurting Death is creeping for me, Smoke is blinding Hearts are pounding Chaos soon ignites The call is made Its one for

Deliver Us From Evil – Bullet For My Valentine

I’m dying from the inside Body hurts too much to feel And pressure adds to pain Deliver us from evil Straying out of sanity Why can’t you let me

Forever And Always – Bullet For My Valentine

Prepare to be apart And it drives you crazy Each time I go away The distance gets longer But it makes us stronger Should it all come crashing Down

Just Another Star – Bullet For My Valentine

This is the colour of your sunrise, This i s what I can see through your eyes, Jump, jump, jump, jump, Can you see the light behind these, Eyes,

No Easy Way Out – Bullet For My Valentine

When Im indestructable, baby betta get that straight I think its unbelievable How you give into the hands of fate Well somethings are worth fighting for, some feelings just

10 Years Today – Bullet For My Valentine

Repeat yourself, my hands are shaking When I was told, my friend was gone I felt so guilty A thousand questions left unanswered I’ll bleed if you want me

Hearts Burst Into Fire – Bullet For My Valentine

I’m coming home! I’ve been gone for far too long! Do you remember me at all? I’m leaving Have I fucked things up again? I’m dreaming Too much time