Incarnation Of Evil – Candlemass

“Edge of time, the dawn of our heaven All is black the return of the fallen angel Amongst us, a devil is disguise The preacher of the wicked Establishing

Black Stone Wielder – Candlemass

and darkened the sky the dawn was to come with the sunrise Revealing the shadows that passed through the mist the torchlight was flickering, the storm was chasing them

The Dying Illusion – Candlemass

From the dungeons of insanity to haunt the wicked mind A crooked finger points, a spell is cast, words can kill A weaver of the web of tears, a

Bearer Of Pain – Candlemass

Once a year the white robes go on a quest In search of a virgin, a child of innocence Born of Apollon divine is the heritage Chosen by foe

The Ebony Throne – Candlemass

The sign of Eph is gone so is the sun Tired and confused I sail into the night With the Devil at my shoulder I`ll be fine I ride

Julie Laughs No More – Candlemass

Mesmerized by promises and gold Took the wrong left, turn, it`s just a one way street Now she`s all alone, out in the cold Yes it`s true we`ve heard

Mirror, Mirror – Candlemass

Mirror, mirror upon the wall Magic demon eye A realm of madness Awakened by the call Speak the ancient words of mages Try to take control The essence of

Temple Of The Dead – Candlemass

In ancient Egypt my home Child of Horus catch the morning star To the Elysian fields we will go The God at the top of the staircase The usurper

The Well Of Souls – Candlemass

today the strong name of the trinity Crypt of despair the old man is there forming a circle of magic and prayers Guarding the well the black hole to

Mourner’s Lament – Candlemass

be one with you my precious child Let me cover your bed with tears I will save you from all fears I burn the candles for your soul I

Epistle No. 81 – Candlemass

Mark how our shadow, Mark Movits mom frere One small darkness encloses How gold and purple that shovel there To rags and rubbish disposes Charon beckons from tumultuous waves

Dark Are The Veils Of Death – Candlemass

the scythe is raised he’s eager to reap the extreme unction prepares for the last flight but God knows where you will rest Dark are the veils of death

Through The Infinitive Halls Of Death – Candlemass

very soon I’ll lose my breath But raise up high or slow descending Death is a forecourt to hell, where the lost of humanity

Ancient Dreams – Candlemass

Reach deep within where reality is hard to find Search in the corners of the winding mazes of your mind Seek out the treasures that open doors that some

A Tale Of Creation – Candlemass

in the morning, the dawn of time it down to rest a moment when a song came to my mind As I sat there I could feel it from

At The Gallows End – Candlemass

so warm and tender was never the night In tears I see you, the last time it will be so give me your blessing, I’ll meet my destiny No

Wiz – Candlemass

Thunder and lighting, action, come fire, come rain The wizard is playing god in his armchair again Cyberlike snake eyes they burn The man with the black cat will

Under The Oak – Candlemass

they froze my blood and chained my soul the master had spoken, the truth, not any lies The devil gives and evil takes the things in life that man

Darkness In Paradise – Candlemass

I’m standing here in silence This graceful place of peace Watching the shadows come closer The birds they sing no longer The winds they blow no more With fear

The Edge Of Heaven – Candlemass

A mindless soul Senseless with no control Eyes so closed A heart that sleeps A memory, a thought that is gone I am born Still I’m no more A