Ground Zero Brooklin – Carnivore

Everything’s O. K. Little do I know Soviet missiles are on the way The bastards set loose The war Gods tyr and lok Weatherman’s predicting rain But fire it’ll

Technophobia – Carnivore

Stand in the way of progress Like primitive man afraid of fire Till the explored it’s many uses The power of the atom at our disposal Yet it called

Thermonuclear Warrior – Carnivore

social degeneration creatures born of malignant science the children of technology plutonium anthropology who will cleanse the mess left by the past who will expurgate the scared cytoplasm to

Angry Neurotic Catholics – Carnivore

The anger turned within What do I gain for all my pain Perhaps I seat in heaven? Don’t do what you want Do what you’re though right Your life

U. S. A. For U. S. A. – Carnivore

It’s time that we laid down the law We’re tired of taking your shit And we ain’t gonna take it no more Be prepared to fight and die So

God Is Dead – Carnivore

his flock had gone astray wolves mingling with sheep you tried to save man once by sending down a son but the bastards nailed him up and laughed at

Male Supremacy – Carnivore

the men I’ve killed the children slaves and all the woman I’ve raped between my legs I’ve got what it takes to be called a man fighting, feasting, fucking

Predator – Carnivore

anxiously wait to see the sun and a land as of yet unknown gone below to escape the death of the nuclear winter ice and darkness due penance for

Race War – Carnivore

Yellow versus red The fighting won’t stop Until we’re all dead Burning riots destroy the masses Nightfall brings death, city reduced to ashes Don’t call me your brother We