Independence Day – Carrie Underwood

Though she looked a little worried and weak She tried to pretend he wasn’t drinkin’ again But Daddy left the proof on her cheek And I was only eight

Night Before (Life Goes On) – Carrie Underwood

Sneakin a smoke by the chimney Checkin out the moon and the city lights Takes off his flannel shirt and he drapes it around her shoulders. slides up behind

That’s Where It Is – Carrie Underwood

I’ve covered many miles, And I could search forever for what’s right before my eyes, Just when I thought I’d found it, It was nothing like I’d planned, When

Twisted – Carrie Underwood

Crashing into me Nothing I can do but fall Piece by piece You broke down every part of me That ever thought I would never need you, baby It’s

Don’t Forget To Remember Me Inside Your Heaven – Carrie Underwood

This downtown apartment sure makes me miss home, and those bills there on the counter keep telling me I’m on my own, and just like every Sunday I called

Lessons Learned – Carrie Underwood

Some words I wish had gone unsaid, Some starts, That had some better endings, Been some bad times I’ve been through, Damage I cannot undo, Some things, I wish

We’re Young and Beautiful – Carrie Underwood

Kiss me like you mean it, Treat me like I’m special, Cover me with sweetness, Cause a time will come, When I’m not so young, and beautiful, While we’re

The More Boys I Meet – Carrie Underwood

He sees my future as havin’ a past, well I don’t think so, I don’t think so That boy there, well he’s playing the fool He thinks he’s funny

Wasted – Carrie Underwood

She tried to make it fast One tear hit the hard wood It felt like broken glass She said sometimes love slips away And you just can’t get it

Don’t Forget to Remember Me – Carrie Underwood

For momma they flew by But for me they just drug on We were loading up that Chevy Both tryin’ not to cry Momma kept on talking Putting off

I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore – Carrie Underwood

There’s a single stop light town, And back when I was really young, A part of that burned down, On any given Friday night, We’d drive a hundred miles,

Some Hearts – Carrie Underwood

Always stumbling’ around in circles But I must have stumbled into something Look at me Am I really alone with you I wake up feeling like my life’s worth

Flat On The Floor – Carrie Underwood

Where the sky can’t rain on me anymore Don’t knock on my door ’cause I won’t come I’m hidin’ from the storm ’til the damage is done. Baby, baby,

Last Name – Carrie Underwood

last night, I did things I’m not proud of, and I got a little crazy last night, I met a guy on the dance floor, and I let him

Crazy Dreams – Carrie Underwood

Hairbrush singers, dashboard drummers Hello you wild magnolians just waiting to bloom There’s a little bit of all that inside of me and you Thank God even crazy dreams

Just A Dream – Carrie Underwood

All dressed in white, going to the church that night She had his box of letters in the passenger seat Sixpence in her shoe Something borrowed, something blue And

I Told You So – Carrie Underwood

And suppose I said “I wanna come back home”. And suppose I cried and said “I think I finally learned my lesson” And I’m tired a-spendin’ all my time

Starts With Goodbye – Carrie Underwood

I hung up the phone and it fell out of my hand, But I knew I had to do it, And he wouldn’t understand, So hard to see myself

All-American Girl – Carrie Underwood

He’d been playing for a little baby boy. Someone he could take fishing, Throw the football and be his pride and joy. He could already see him holding that

I Just Can’t Live a Lie – Carrie Underwood

And maybe turning my back would be that much easier Cause hurtful words are all that we exchange But I can’t watch you walk away Can I forget about