Hypnos 164 – Cathedral

Paralysed Sunset, Blind Eyes To The Dawn Form Magic Wings – Drift Through Black Skies Crystal Voyager Eternal In Peace Sends Dreams To Humans – Laid To Rest In

Dragon Ryder 13 – Cathedral

Flames are high – lightning fuelling my veins Dragon appears, i saddle up again Purple rain – anguished odyssey Cosmic babylon, destiny – yeah Hold my fire tonight –

Jaded Entity – Cathedral

ooh the earth and the the heavens, they so tire me, tomorrow’s dreams encased in a velvet sanctuary. The crumbled throne of worldly gain, is glory forgotten, and now

Phantasmagoria – Cathedral

Aah! Ooh! Daylight crawling under your doorway, a faint sliddering, a forblooming, a vision of nightmare, shadows motioning, let holler vengeance so aidless arrivings count ordained, reflection frozen,

The Unnatural World – Cathedral

To earn from God their moral wages Their world is dying – for forgiveness they pray Yet meanwhile the battle rages Can’t you see what you’re doing? Can’t you

Ride – Cathedral

scopeless material in ruthless demand, concrete spectacle superficially grand, divine animation buried in sand. Chorus: Well rise from the ashes of stagnation, crystal warriors of damnation. Nullified grafters manufactured

Sea Serpent – Cathedral

Flying high through a bloodshot sky I fall back down to my water grave Walking Dead when you leave me dry Sea serpents surround me Aqua demons – drowning

Inertias Cave – Cathedral

Inertias cave surrounds my heart Stallactites crashing down In stinking shades delusion cascades Of torment, yes I crave Here with the snakes My venom dehydrates Into my stream I

Urko’s Conquest – Cathedral

Urko rides his troops into the flames Sirens of doom – the earth it shakes Wars and plagues have fuelled beast of rage Mutated humans pay the price Space

Carnival Bizarre – Cathedral

Ride with me on a shooting star Through galaxies of death we chase Skeletal king of paradise Cosmic crown is the jewel you wear Carnival bizarre Freaks and leparts

Melancholy Emperor – Cathedral

Fleets of hungry angels feast on earth like flies Burning soul of karma – furnace of mankind Human skull and crossbones – treasures left behind Holy father – reaps

Whores To Oblivion – Cathedral

We’ve sold our souls for – empty lies Indoctrinations circle writhes In persecuted brainwashed minds Master of this empty void controls your thoughts all – love destroyed Hell is

Requiem For The Sun – Cathedral

Love a distant dream we’ve left behind Utopic fortunes we see in tomorrow Blind illusions as all hope fades and dies Sleeping forest under shimmering moonlight Enchantment reigns in

Cyclops Revolution – Cathedral

Beware the one-eyed titan He’s coming to take you away He lost his mind within your soul Yeah he’s given his power to you Deadly laser from the monster

Captain Clegg – Cathedral

Captain Clegg and his smuggling pirates ride With contraband of the finest Brandy and Wine Hidden inside a macabre coffin disguise A tombstone reads “Captain Clegg, R. I. P.”

Midnight Mountain – Cathedral

Sliding down the mountain, as dusk passes to day. The antidote of elation, now lifeless masses wake. Jaws of suxiety open, the luring vampire of agility, a fatal invitation,

Kaleidoscope Of Desire – Cathedral

Neon Moon Your guider, across deserts of astral sand Two laughing Planets where faces glow, let the darkness fall behind you Chemical God awakens – Look into the Cosmic

Nightmare Castle – Cathedral

The evil priest is calling me again I stare into these walls and he comes through Clergy of the damned Surrounds me, pointing hands On my knees, i fall

Fangalactic Supergoria – Cathedral

With fangs of lust we hail the night From tombs arise in mortal fright Freeding from skies of morphia Fangalctic supergoria Slaves of virtue rotting in the sun Souls

The Voyage Of The Homeless Sapien – Cathedral

(I. Vevlet Forest Of Enchantment) Violet Dawn, Misty Mourn Black Tree Upon The Velvet Lawn Summer Faces – Poisoned Flowers Thorns Blackbird Sings A Jaded Requiem Engine Storm, Earth