Soft Embalmer Of The Still Midnight – Celestial Season

Shutting with careful fingers Our gloom-pleased eyes To walk through gardens of delight We’ll live in our dreams This night, we’ll live our dreams Our secrets will be sung

Vienna – Celestial Season

We walked in the cold air Freezing breath on a window pane, Lying and waiting The man in the dark in a picture frame, So mystic and soulful A

Warp Speed To Vulcan – Celestial Season

Did you reload your phasers And wipe out the neutral zone Cause were heading for Zula I To embrace the silver shining Did you refill your lasers And break

Astral Dub – Celestial Season

the astral skies, can’t get these pictures off my mind smoking sunshine, can’t get my feet back on the ground the astral skies, they keep me rolling… rolling high

1000 Things – Celestial Season

Hey now, I heard that the old song was fooling me Lay down, start throwing gifts for a while Stay down, deep inner heart feeling jealousy Hey now, life

Decamerone – Celestial Season

I hear the music Sweet tunes that caress my soul Music begging for music It woes my soul… so… It enchants me…feeding my hunger But I’m hungry for more