Performer CENTINEX

For Centuries Untold – Centinex

Left to bleed in the wasteland Spawned by the master Fire below the domains Possessing endless battles Through the misty night The legions of hell Crush the sacred ones

Only Slices Remains – Centinex

Slowly I’m watching her die A fixed look in her eyes You bleed as I see Her soul fade with fear She shall suffer – I will slain This

Torn Within – Centinex

Tombstones made of flesh Out in the stream of blood Forever to be gone And the memories flow away Beyond the gates of silence I’m torn forever Suffering –

Molested – Centinex

Spirits are coming from a dark dead sky The whispers and shadows are calling me Molested and lost My soul is turned to dust The funeral in fire calls

Embraced By Moonlight – Centinex

Our dream became reality as we enter the path of mourning The dark lord, our master, we follow the way foretold We are spawned by chaos Reborn through desaster

Apocalyptic Armageddon – Centinex

The triumph of death Like a spell of mayhem it prevails Sent to destroy The Holy sacred feeble light Devastating warlust Follow the crusade against life A violent kingdom

Resurrected – Centinex

A dominion of twilight anguish Born are the sons of darkness Temptation is a sombre hunger Prevail the ancient divinity In the glare of the golden woods Breath the

Everlasting Bloodshed – Centinex

For mighty misery and anger With violence, fire and pain The dawn of crusade chaos Infernal – Eternal The light of your existence Is crashed to bleeding pieces Your

Darkside – Centinex

Darkside recalls my name Abyssal gates are open wide My darkened soul is baptized in blood Ancient lord, demon of blasphemies Darkness prevails, Lucifer’s wrath unleashed Destroy, burn the

Into The Funeral Domain – Centinex

Blinded by the fear I’m trapped inside The twilight and the dark illusions drain It will guide me through the Northern storm The wasteland of eternity will reign I…

Orgy In Flesh – Centinex

Mutilated cadavers decay through your bleeding eyes Organs are drowned in mush I dispatch your unclean pus Suffer – you die Decomposed – with fear Awaiting to die in

Summon The Golden Twilight – Centinex

Bloodthirst reflects my freezing hunger Shadows are born in a twilight fire Tyrants lusting at the castle The final chapter is to be undead We are the infernal horde

My Demon Within – Centinex

A misty ground Seals my soul of pagan fire Ripped apart Dark emotions and inner thoughts We will all Take part in the endless journey As we weep To

Seeds Of Evil – Centinex

Lead: Wiklund Lead: Kjellgren On my way through the past With guidance of the dead Abandoned to the dark With my demons of lust I am the son of

The Beauty Of Malice – Centinex

Looking through the crystal ball See the future in the painted glass Inside the soul of a haunted one Spirits of darkness raving in grief In silent tears they

Like Darkened Storms – Centinex

Through the fields of sorrow Realms of torment Destruction and bloodshed – Remains Raising total hell Creating silent ruins Desolation and mayhem – War Infernal battles and blackened bloodhunt

Luciferian Moon – Centinex

Haunted by a twilight void Into the endlessness they flow Tearing up the sacred flames Darkness is they rising desire Destroy – The sunrise glory Passion – To the

The Conquest Infernal – Centinex

We are tormented souls of the unlight Conquering the earth with spiteful storms Rise from the realms of darkness Centuries of unholy chaos Lead me to the streams of

Blood On My Skin – Centinex

Death will arise from the altar Piece by piece you fall Feel the disgrace It penetrates into your skin The suffering will arise I laugh when all the gods

Undivined – Centinex

Seven enshrined souls Stranded on a journey far On a shore of sorrow All the tears are gleam I’m your undivined God The rain is slipping through your hands