Flow (What Y’all Niggas Gone Do?) – Chamillionaire

They gon’ just get upset When I hop out the Vette Throw the keys and tell the valet to catch See gettin’ green is a damn sinch I’m the

Still In Love With My Money – Chamillionaire

When I call you on the phone You’re never at home You been gone for so long and I feel so alone Your love of money gone ruin

Who I Be – Chamillionaire

Yeah!, It’s Rasaq boy (get throwed) Color Change independent mayne (get throwed) Color Changin’ Click (get throwed), (get throwed), (get throwed), Yeah nigga! They don’t know who I be

Flow (This Is For My Gangstaz) – Chamillionaire

Yeah..Yall listening to the Chamillionaire’s Greatest Hitz mayne The real deal..don’t get the bootleg If O. G. Ron C ain’t on yo shit mayne, you got the bootleg Get

Talking That Talk – Chamillionaire

(Chamillionaire talking) hey! houston texas (houston texas). chamillionaire the mix tape messiah. i feel like niggas need to show some respect off in here mayne. tell em the name,

Can’t Give U D World – Chamillionaire

She wants me to give up the life, of being a playa And running the streets with my partnas, but in exchange fa’ Plenty of love and the comfort,

Flow (Set It Off) – Chamillionaire

Off that drank color-color changin’ anaconda man Ice bright as a night light or whiter then Madonna’s hand Oops! I did it again, jewlrey man give him a

Chamillionaire’s Motivation – Chamillionaire

Better get it resolved nigga, (get it resolved baby) Better get it resolved nigga, (you got a problem) It’s your’s truly, Chamillionaire the Mixtape Messiah In here with DJ

The Truth Is Back!!! – Chamillionaire

You hear a lot of music, but it’s boring You hear a lot of flows, but don’t enjoy ’em You hear a lot of albums, and you snoring

Not Friendly – Chamillionaire

Color Changin’ Click, ay man I still ain’t drop a solo album yet I’m runnin’ the game huh?, Controversy Sells comin’ soon Nah no need to be excited about

U Already Know – Chamillionaire

Stay underground (on the grind) every day all day They don’t say much but they mean what they say What they mind on the money and the game don’t

Still Tippin – Chamillionaire

Still Tippin’ on four fours, wrapped in fo-fours Tippin’ four hoes, and I’m packin’ four fours (Hanh!) Now look who creeping look who crawling still balling in the mix

Pimp Drill – Chamillionaire

Oh! I like it like that (repeat 4x) Mixtape Messiah mayne (This is a pimp drill) Color Changin’ Click (This is

Realest Niggas In It – Chamillionaire

(*talking*) Excuse me for not introducing myself correctly I am the Man on Fire, A. K. A. the Mix Tape Messiah A. K. A. the Chamilli-nator ha-ha, Smallz let’s

Flow (E. i.) – Chamillionaire

All the hoes up in the club get in free before 10 They rather pay 10 to see if the Chamillion’s goin in Fa’sho then Me and Lester Boy

Flow (Ms. Jackson) – Chamillionaire

if i say hey, can i get yo number she say, OK U ask for her number and she be like, No Way! got da boots sayin What it

Gun Smoke – Chamillionaire

1 and a 2 and a 3 (Nobody!) And a 1, and a 2 and a 3 (Nobody!) And a 1, 2, 3 (Nobody!) And a 1 and 2

Flow (Let Me Blow Your Mind) – Chamillionaire

-Uh, Koopa, Look, Look, Uh Hope you guys got ya party, cuz after the party I’m leavin’ wit all of the ladies and that’s half of the party And

Baller Talk – Chamillionaire

They think I’m a drug deala, I’m dealin large Cause I’m playin with more diamonds, than a deck of cards My wrist light up the room like a bubbling

Flow (King Koopa) – Chamillionaire

We still here, ain’t goin’ no where SwishaHouse -Listen Man Chamill, that nigga still handlin’ steel Hoppin’ out the Sedan Deville, ay man just chill Leave em’ alone,