Shot In The Dark – Children Of Bodom

Out on the street I’m stalking the night I can hear my heavy breathing Paid for the kill but it doesn’t it seem right Something there I can’t believe

Follow The Reaper – Children Of Bodom

Loosing the war I’m feining to win though I never tried to to strive deep from within. Life could be beautiful for anybody it’s for, but I’d swear this

Children Of Decadence – Children Of Bodom

Running under cover of the moonlight shadow death row. At the night we’re running wild with no hope for tomorrow… No tomorrow!!! Prech. As we’re walking through the fire,

Kissing The Shadows – Children Of Bodom

Way down below I hear you serenely breath. I’m running after you throughout The valleys of tormented souls, Don’t you be afraid of me only kissing your shadow… You’re

Towards Dead End – Children Of Bodom

Confront repressions of the past Fear… Prevail… Insanity… Obey! Draw back in silence to dwell in anxiety No matter where I am, I’m alone My dreams are shattered into

Hate Me – Children Of Bodom

Raised by demons in abodes of the end The reaper’s scythe I fall upon to light my path Wrecked by mangled wounds of life I have become become the

Hellion – Children Of Bodom

Hell-hound, hot leather on your legs That smokin powder keg You’re riding on is hell-bound And you’re the one they claim It’s going down in flames You’re riding Hades’

Don’T Stop At The Top – Children Of Bodom

You never take the easy way The wind is blowing straight into your face You never close your eyes For any trouble that may cross your way There’s no