Performer CHIMAIRA

Stigmurder – Chimaira

Feel the rush as you kill Looking into dead eyes Collecting their last thoughts Sometimes I feel no remorse Sometimes I want a taste Why am I so different

Lazarus – Chimaira

Woke up panicked, sweating, with a mouth full of vomit No idea what could be wrong Blew it off as this illness is common Went back to sleep, then

Army Of Me – Chimaira

Understand I still have a lot to say To you A fortune nothing has left no time or place My life Upon my life there will always be lies

Six – Chimaira

She has seen so many things it’s so unreal She has been almost everywhere and tasted everything She has been a dream since birth who could conquer everything Night

Silence – Chimaira

This misery you call your life I am the one who will carry you To an altar of joy Follow me Flee from this Except nothing but the best

Comatose – Chimaira

I am the Versatile one I am the contant Chill I am the Versatile one I am the God you loved I am the addiction I am the God

Sphere – Chimaira

I look above me and there you are I see your smiling face so pure, its gold Reaching your hand out to touch mine Perhaps all I needed was

Pass Out Of Existence – Chimaira

I’d rather be dead then have you stay You pretend that it’s ok Right now it’s my time to take Feeding off my hate today Feeding off the lives

Empty – Chimaira

My dream had come true Look back, don’t crack Your stares are empty now I am still here I won’t crack It’s all coming back My thoughts of the

Kingdom Of Heartache – Chimaira

Their fingers felt like silk, and lips tasted like candy They were my everything, something left from a dream This was the first time I felt so close to

Needle – Chimaira

No use in lying Another broken promise Another bond demolished Will I ever give a fuck About anyone or anything Day by day live in denial The needle is

Options – Chimaira

I finally lost my craving Need this to end real soon You come then you go away No way I can make it through this Can you feel my

The Duhumanizing Process – Chimaira

Clear the way, the new king has arrived To take your place while I’ve got you on your knees I always had this vision of who I’d become A

End It All – Chimaira

It’s all the same And I used to find comfort in all of this It’s an excuse to deviate from the norm Pathetic isn’t it After all these years,

Save Ourselves – Chimaira

What is getting the best of you Take a Breathm it’s not complex Im going to put your mind at ease Innocent People are not meant to suffer We’re

The Impossibility Of Reason – Chimaira

Never worrying about yourself Or the wrong you’ve done Think you know the way Want me to follow you Selfish lies you’re set out to prove So what if

Rizzo – Chimaira

Could not find anyone to go home with to show off your insecurity So you put your “I love you face” back on When you are this way you

Pictures In The Goldroom – Chimaira

No light for years No way to find out How long has it been Screams heard from a distance The shredding sounds of pain Looking for reasons Slowly becoming

Pray For All – Chimaira

You were the world to me When I used to hate myself for trying Now relying on you for direction seems so trite Your attitiude was quick to change

Left For Dead – Chimaira

Greed has caused you to become so cold You said you loved him, then you put him away “Till death do us part” means nothing to you Greed has