Girlfriend (feat. Lupe Fiasco) – Chris Brown

(L. U. P and C. B) We gon do what we say, see us when see that again, call us instant replay cop a coupe and then recoup,

Go Away – Chris Brown

Baby close your eyes and just Take my hand and put your trust In my heart I’ll show you things you never seen before Girl the world is full

Gangsta Shorty – Chris Brown

How ya’ll doin’ Yea I know what ya’ll need All of ya’ll And that’s ya’ll gangsta boo right Come on Mmm Yea… Yea Oh no no It was 6

Thank You – Chris Brown

Man. Y’all don’t know what y’all do for me. See – without y’all – none of this would matter. I mean none of this. So, I say thank you.

Lottery – Chris Brown

I think it’s 310-143-1437 Baby if I press it then will I get to you? Let me know, what is your number girl? Every minute is worth a dime

They Say – Chris Brown

‘Cause they are doing the same thing, I bet you think that I fly away, From you, But I wouldn’t do that… Now they’re saying I’m crazy, ‘Cause I

Look At Me Now (feat. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes) – Chris Brown

I don’t see how you can hate from outside of the club You can’t even get in Hahaha, let’s go! Yellow model chick Yellow

Lucky Me – Chris Brown

Lights on, stage set. I guess I gotta put on a show in ’cause everyone’s waiting Females, fly jets When I turn the radio on I hear all my

Gimme Whatcha Got (feat. Lil Wayne) – Chris Brown

Ladies and gentlemen (ladies and gentlemen) gentleman, gentleman, gentleman You are tune in to the very best….so beautiful….jazzy phizzle…Chris Brown, let’s go They say beauty is in

Ain’t No Way (You Won’t Love Me) – Chris Brown

Ay, can I talk to you for a minute? You new around here? Girl ain’t no way, I won’t let you down. If you let me (just sayin)I

For Ur Love – Chris Brown

I’ll wait for you Till you come home Here all alone I stay alone for your love For your love Put my pimp cup down Nothing lost

Deuces (with Tyga feat. Kevin McCall) – Chris Brown

All that bullshit’s for the birds You ain’t nothin but a vulture Always hopin for the worst Waiting for me to fuck up up You’ll regret the day when

Run It! – Chris Brown

(Juelz Santana) Okay Check it, Check it, Check it out It’s Santana again Steppin, Steppin, Steppin out One of them Brand new big boy toys I do big boy

Graffiti – Chris Brown

My name is tagged, you already see that (see that) The media wanna paint it all black, and they do it right in my face See I can’t sit

Kiss Kiss (feat. T-Pain) – Chris Brown

She want that lovey dovey That kiss-kiss, kiss-kiss In her mind she fantasize bout getting wit me They hating on me They wanna diss this, kiss-kiss Cause she

Young Love – Chris Brown

Young Love Lyrics Young love, love, love… (oh) A teenage love. Young love, love, love… (uh huh, yeah) A teenage love. Young love, young love everything I need

Run It! (Remix) – Chris Brown

Run… Run Run Run Run Clap your hands (RUN) Yall know what this is SO SO DEF Now lil mama just break it down For

Oh My Love – Chris Brown

Girl I really love the way you’re looking at me So I’ma show you the meaning of what a man is I’m nasty, car go zum-zum and then the

Nothing But Love For You – Chris Brown

Young Chris (Laugh) Uh Huh Yo Yo Yo drop the beat right about… .. Yea right there, right there Uh huh Oooo… Yeah Come on Check It Why You

Help Me – Chris Brown

I can’t, believe it I’m out (my), my mind (mind) I shouldn’t be but (oh) Women like you steal my control Scene of the crime My spot is next