Groove Me – Chroming Rose

You may stay there anytime you want it Welcome to this pleasure dome And you will never say goodbye Have a good time And I know you feel alright

40 Nights, 40 Days – Chroming Rose

Have mercy upon me Hallowed be thy name These walls I have to climb These wars have to fight Don’t lead into temptation 40 NIGHTS, 40 DAYS I step

Alert – Chroming Rose

Remember Burn the flag, the flag, the flag Hypnotized Control spiritual riots Get the hag, the flag, the flag Sacrilege Obey your mental leader Kill your idols now Find

When The World Cries – Chroming Rose

To save your own resources You killed your former tribes That kept you on the way It’s been a toy of talk Of people far besides me I just

I Died A Little – Chroming Rose

I don’t give up the fight I can not believe That you’re gone, that you’re lost Seems like you are slill around me My tears are burning There is

Gods On The Run – Chroming Rose

A long way back from home Only God knows what’s the reason Dreams will come true Rage out for the nightlife The question runs so deep Where we go

Far From Nowhere – Chroming Rose

All the thoughts, of times I left behind Weight on my shoulders Can I face the things undone And turn around and watch the way behind Well, everybody knows

New World – Chroming Rose

In perfect harmony, yeah All she things that should not be Stay tuned to this world They do all exist in me Reflecting on democracy, yeah Another blind man

Ggm – Chroming Rose

The one and only mentor leaves me be Blackened, I can not resist Fill my heart and sou! with the antichrist Black, black, call me by my name A

Spread Your Epitaph – Chroming Rose

A scream flies through the night And tries to find the way out of the game And won’t return Tears for the moonchild On and on Sunset covers everything