When You’re Single – Chuck Wicks

Have a drink or two And get real good at shootin pool Stay out as late as you want to When you’re single You can take a trip to

Good Time Comin’ On – Chuck Wicks

Oh, but it ain’t easy With you paintin your toes With your feet up on the dash Your legs so long and tan You’re my dixon girl with a

The Easy Part – Chuck Wicks

And there’s times When just givin up is alright No matter how much you want it to work Someone’s gonna get hurt Sometimes it ain’t about who’s wrong And

What If You Stay – Chuck Wicks

And I can’t take back what I did I wouldn’t blame you if you hated me Before you slam that open door And throw away four good years Think

All I Ever Wanted – Chuck Wicks

Yea I think you know it Oh I’m ready for this ride So come on take my hand Cuz only you, you understand How to kick this feeling into

She’s Gonna Hurt Somebody – Chuck Wicks

Going too fast Driving with her knee Truckers screaming “Baby pick a lane. You’re gonna hurt somebody.” Got the mirror sideways Puttin on her face No more crying All

If We Loved – Chuck Wicks

The homeless have houses Nobody’s hungry Nobody’s poor Nobody’s judged by their faith or their color Nobody’s wrong in this world without war We buried our swords We don’t

Mine All Mine – Chuck Wicks

I ain’t seen you around You got the world on your shoulders Let me help you put it down Baby, come inside And leave it all behind You got

Starting Now – Chuck Wicks

Do anything to go there To take my breath away again I still see your face right there Staring at me and I swear I can feel you here

Stealing Cinderella – Chuck Wicks

It wasn’t any secret i’d be asking for her hand I guess that’s why he left me waiting in the living room by myself with at least a dozen

Man Of The House – Chuck Wicks

Rolls outta bed with sleepy eyes Goes to his sister’s room across the hall “Hey Daisy rise and shine” He pours two bowls full of Captain Crunch Puts a