The Declaration Of Our Neverending War – Cirith Gorgor

For this moslim bane In my darkest fantasies They will die in pain Rulers of the seas, the mountains and the sky Strong pagan warriors, not afraid to die

Through Burning Wastelands – Cirith Gorgor

They felt the mighty emperor’s wrath Through woods of eternal winter, wolves howl An everlasting serenade to praise the demonkind They know who I am, for they are damned

Ephel Duath (A Warrior’s Tale) – Cirith Gorgor

The warrior’s fight with the unearthly forces of the caves of death. The fight lasts for months and is challenging for both the warrior’s physic and mental strength. Eventually

Sons Of The New Dawn – Cirith Gorgor

Each man receives his faith of share. A blood-red sun is the warriors shield. The eagle scans the battlefield. From a beautiful dark past, when the Earth was young

Winter Embraces Lands Beyond – Cirith Gorgor

And one of them is carrying a lance and a banner And is chosen under the power of Amaymon “Art thou Asmoday?” “And he giveth the ring of virtues

Wandering Cirith Gorgor – Cirith Gorgor

thorns of oblivion, dreams unfold. Stars enlighten a darkened sky like reminders of ancient stories, still untold. As shadows dance through the landscape the dreamy spires now grow bold.