Hold Your Head Up – Clawfinger

dig your own grave what’s done is done What’s in your head what’s on your mind time will tell don’t look behind What I keep inside my head is

I Can See Then Coming – Clawfinger

and I’m sitting on top of my world I’m the middle of my attention and I’m the best joke I’ve ever heard I’m the king of my own castle

I Don’t Care – Clawfinger

with your triple K complexion screaming keep our country clean with your triple K superior picknick and your burning cross parade you’re all dressed up in white boys you’re

Easy Way Out – Clawfinger

Are you scared of your reflection Suicide is no solution Try to make your contribution Don’t believe in resurrection You won’t find the lost connection Life is only what

Pay The Bill – Clawfinger

And all I really want is five minutes of fame Some material wealth and a life in good health Cos all I really care about is myself I don’t

Do What I Say – Clawfinger

Don’t you ever talk back Don’t speak with food in your mouth Just keep quiet while the grown ups are talking I’m not being mean I’m just being fair

Warfair – Clawfinger

with a bullet in your breast and blood on your shirt lying in a bloodpool down in a pit covered with the corpse and the blood and the shit

Pin Me Down – Clawfinger

By fooling myself with ill-concealed dissatisfaction I can’t take it any more I can’t stand the situation I don’t want to be a victim of another confrontation I’ll pretend

Die High – Clawfinger

Before you break yourself and wake up in a sweat On the killing floor with the damage done You can pity yourself but your race is run You can

Power – Clawfinger

Convincing us all in every single kind of way Cos you frame the words so that we really believe That there’s a depth in the message that you’re trying

The Truth – Clawfinger

I’ve seen it all before the way you disagree the way you always attack all the things that you say the way you turn your back and then you

Nigger – Clawfinger

why you wanna say nigger to your brother man talking black pride then you call yourself a nigger don’t bring yourself down cos it just don’t figure take a

I Need You – Clawfinger

and all of my frustrations are lying in your bed all my explanations just don’t make any sense leave me be babe can’t you see the tensions too immense

I Guess I’ll Never Know – Clawfinger

Why did you leave so many things undone I only scratched the surface of the thoughts you had within and for me your life had just begun Why did

Wonderful World – Clawfinger

there’s a junkie on the street with some crack to warm her down and out in the city she’s working as a hooker so the system took the freedom

I’m Your Life And Religion – Clawfinger

I’ve been to the places that you couldn’t even find I seen all the things you never thought you’d get to see I’ve been everyone you couldn’t be I’ve

Back To The Basics – Clawfinger

Baby put away your make up and your lipstick High heels tight skirts the rest of all your plastic I’m telling you it’s making you look even more spastic

Waste My Time – Clawfinger

There’s been hundreds of years of diabolical dung So much prejudice piss has been trickling down And I can smell the shit coming from miles around You’re so full

Two Sides – Clawfinger

I put my beliefs in the things I believe and a god can take care of himself There’s not enough love in the world for me to think about

Chances – Clawfinger

Are you stuck in the conformity of minding your own biz Does a confrontation make you want to turn and run and do you think about the things you’d