Bubbly – Colbie Caillat

Will you count me in (Sung) I’ve been awake for a while now You’ve got me feeling like a child now ’cause everytime I see your bubbly face I

Battle – Colbie Caillat

All these years gone by Now your askin me to listen Well then tell me bout everything No lies we’re loosin time Cause this is a battle And

Oxygen – Colbie Caillat

Made of angry people I found a boy Who had a dream of making everyone smile He was sunshine I fell over My feet like bricks underwater and How

Midnight Bottle – Colbie Caillat

Midnight bottle make it real what feels like make believe so I can see a little more clearly Like every single move you make kissing me so carefully on

Capri – Colbie Caillat

And holds her belly tight All through the night Just so she knows She’s sleeping so Safely to keep Her growing Oh when she’ll open her eyes There’ll be

Realize – Colbie Caillat

That your warmth is Crashing down on me Take time to realize That I am on your side Well didn’t I, didn’t I tell you But I can’t spell

Magic – Colbie Caillat

Its leaking out all over my skin – Yeah Everytime that I get close to you you’re making me weak with the way you look through those eyes And

One Fine Wire – Colbie Caillat

But it’s not taking me And it seems so long ago That I used to believe And I’m so lost inside of my head And crazy But I cant

Tailor Made – Colbie Caillat

Tangled up in pure confusion It’s hard to let go of the past, But it seems easier as time is movin Well, you said he makes you laugh And

The Little Things – Colbie Caillat

are taking me over I wanna show you everything inside of me like a nervous heart that is crazy beating My feet are stuck here against the pavement I

Feelings Show – Colbie Caillat

You’d wait here patiently but I wonder if he’s kidding Well maybe he could be serious now Maybe not Maybe not Because’ Love is crazy Pretty baby Take it

Tied Down – Colbie Caillat

And I, have told you lately That I’m tired of talking about the same old reasons we change Just take it easy don’t worry about these mistakes Because I’m