Performer COLD

Rain Song – Cold

Let me stand here all night Did she take her whole life Let me know she’s alright And every time it rains I feel her holding me And

Don’t Belong – Cold

Cure for your heartbreak to take away the pain I could describe each mistake for you Tattoo it on my tainted heart well I won’t ever tell the

Remedy – Cold

but please don’t leave me here alone I don’t feel how you feel But it’s my fault I’m bones I don’t die how you died I can’t just waste

The Day Seattle Died – Cold

Try to fade your apathy Made up a world where you can even be you Star in a tragedy Shadowed voice on an open court And light up around

Happens All The Time – Cold

In a world of faded memories Where you’re still in love with me I can see it in your eyes A look as if your major tom has lost

Makes Her Sick – Cold

Everyone gets blown away, and everyone is gone I can see the only tie, links you back to where you came No one showed you any hope, and everyone

It’s All Good – Cold

Let all the love inside the world belong to you Well, I can’t understand just why you went away Too young to feel the pain & bitterness of love

Change The World – Cold

you became a part of me Thinking of the wish you made to break free Playing you like I can shoving it in your face this doesn’t break your

Black Sunday – Cold

It hurts to think that a sound could heal my wounds feeling I’ve been betrayed Black Sunday still burns you in my thoughts I can’t sleep at all Now

Superstar – Cold

Easter Bunny’s not a rabbit, tricks are made for kids until, pseudo-psycho man tells you to fly Everyone just ran around just playing games with anti-socials, no one ever

Everyone Dies – Cold

Every little thing was on the floor, everyone was so in love with you Everyone dies my friend They come down from outer space, to blow up all the

A Different Kind Of Pain – Cold

Give me just one more night to show you Just how i feel I lost all my control If it takes my whole damnned life i’ll Make this up

Wasted Years – Cold

makes you think you’re everything they ever said you were Like to take some time Clear away everything I’ve planned Was it life I’ve betrayed for the shape

When Angels Fly Away – Cold

Load my gun, paint my face, call me misery I can see the sky light up and the ground explode Got my sights locked in i can see you

Serial Killer – Cold

I can see your madness rip your brain I can see the bodies on the wall All the nightmare dreams I can’t recall come I can see the future

Cure My Tragedy – Cold

You were lost and I would save you I don’t think those feeling will ever fade You born a part of me Won’t you cure my tragedy Won’t you

Strip Her Down – Cold

Everybody played a game, how come you won’t tell me the rules? I’m tired of trying on a new skin, I never listen; I’m a fool. And everybody ran

Insane – Cold

Every little pill that helps you think, makes my mind a social fault I can take a million fucking freaks, blow ’em up and make you pay All the

Sick Of Man – Cold

To God that day No one got raped here But the pains still inside I’ll never love you But I’ve got words to say No one betrayed here But

Same Drug – Cold

From your tower for me I’ll let you take it real slow While I try to decide Never would’ve loved you Should’ve left this town Never would’ve loved you