Performer COMECON

God Told Me – Comecon

A young boy found dead in a garbage can When apprehended the police asked why “God told me to”was my reply Voluntary manslaughter Killing in the heat of passion

Imploder – Comecon

the moustached whipper I dream of a heavenly vessel, where god would be the skipper But I’m scared for it darkens, I sense powers come aloose And I’m lost,

The Whole World – Comecon

One God becomes a million and then they all become fraud Kneel down to be righteous, kneel down for the Lord Kneel down for the Hero, kneel down for

Omnivorous Excess – Comecon

watch yourself growing out of your seat watch the cherish of parental love flow all down the drain you used to be family’s pride but the way you grew

The Future Belongs To Us – Comecon

of nuclear power plants explodes the market of mongoloid chants who’s next for charity keep in line crumbs are tasty when intensions are fine hands up who’ll be our

Slope – Comecon

the world looks black fabricate a world of facts victim due bleed for me entertainment weaponry nothing seen less we know the freaks themselves run the show the reaper

Soft, Creamy Lather – Comecon

stole my nightmares to distribute for charity Discouraged option to request amends severe reprisal from gore-tex® and friends Advertised compassion burnout let the creamy lather flood my day Wash

How I Won The War – Comecon

My tongue’s stuck, my lungs burn all colors are sick This is everyday, I’ll impose it on all To prove that I am though I’m revoltingly small My person,

The Dog Days – Comecon

all gods of iron must suffer corrosion there is but one truth so no pairs can thrive fear of damnation – preserve what is pure mom & dad: implosion

Pinhole View – Comecon

Can I call You? Can I see You alone? Will You show up? Is it Your place or mine? Are we friendly? What You seek You shall find, Seven

Conductor Of Ashes – Comecon

the structure of fear mythic malignance the realm of screams the sacrifice is formalized by demand of his dreams we are subject to the freedom of loyality of self-defeat

The Mule – Comecon

look my way the spastic freedom that we all crave a voice speaks of blind date with another state of mind and the world now he looks my way

Frogs – Comecon

Look at the toiling little man, and then he’s destroyed for no reason at all The meek shall inherit the earth when it’s dead When all temples are ashes,

Good Boy Benito – Comecon

tells time to move or stand still the future waiting for my commands when I forge a total land total solution total man total life in a total land

Icons Of Urine – Comecon

FULL SPEED AHEAD FULL SPEED AHEAD BEAT OFF THE HEAD Of misguided humanism Obstructing nillicism Nivellating loserism Limp crypto-socialism And the test-tubes of urine are the icons of progress